Ask Vic Halftime: Eddie Lacy was the missing link

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on November 24, 2013 – 1:23 pm

Ansh from Spokane, WA

Vic, win or lose, Clay Matthews looks more and more like Clay Matthews. How big is having him back to playing like himself for this defense?

The Packers defense cannot be the best it can be without Matthews in the lineup. Getting him back is as important to the defense as getting Aaron Rodgers back is to the offense. Be that as it may, I was disappointed by that 63-yard drive. When you’re without your quarterback, the other phases of the team have to be held to higher standards. Thirteen points allowed are too many.

Paul from De Pere, WI

Kickoff coverage and return are performing poorly. Would we be better off with a pooch kickoff?

Cordarrelle Patterson is scary good. Discretion might be the better part of valor. Why tempt fate? As for kickoff return, is there anybody that wouldn’t want Randall Cobb returning kickoffs now?

Ben from Madison, WI

Clay is back and Lacy is showing he has the heart of a lion.

He is the player this team needed. He was the missing link last season and I can’t help but wonder how last season might’ve been different for the Packers had Lacy been on the team.

Isaac from Lubec, ME

Eddie Lacy reminds you most of?

Today, it’s Jerome Bettis. Lacy is bouncing off and running over defenders in the same kind of punishing way Bettis did. Everybody loves the breakaway back, but if I can’t have one of those guys, give me a pounder, especially in the cold weather. Lacy is my kind of running back.

Mike from Charlotte, NC

Vic, this is important for Lacy to get experience with loaded boxes. I wasn’t surprised that he got stuffed last week. When he adjusts to this, that’s when lookout begins.

Loaded boxes don’t scare true power-running teams. Will-of-the-wisp teams get scared out of running the ball by loaded boxes. You have 11 hats, they have 11 hats. Block their hats. That’s how a power-running team thinks.

Cole from Milwaukee, WI

Greg Jennings, did we cheer or boo?

I learned something today: They don’t announce the starting lineup for the visitors anymore. I asked when that happened and nobody knew. Why did they stop it? I don’t get it.

Cody from Van Hornem, IA

What are your thoughts on those women in the bikinis?

I am not offended.

Mike from Chicago, IL

Vic, Tolzien’s spin move; come on, man.

Based on the reaction to that play in my inbox, you’d think Tolzien had run 99 yards for a touchdown. Mike, he put a spin move on Letroy Guion, a defensive tackle. Tolzien should win that battle every time. Here’s what I like about Tolzien today: He’s playing with poise and he hasn’t thrown a you know.

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