Ask Vic Halftime: Safety is a problem for Packers

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on December 8, 2013 – 1:21 pm

Adam from Oshkosh, WI

Vic, it appears Reggie Bush was injured in pregame warmups. It seems the football gods want to smile upon the Packers. Good start for our offense. Let’s hope that continues.

Can the Packers win? That’s the question. It’s demoralizing that they followed that 18-play touchdown drive by allowing the Falcons to go right down the field for a score, and now I’ve just seen Matt Flynn fumble as he was being sacked. The good start has quickly evaporated. Ouch!

Michael from Rolla, MO

If the Packers were knocked out of playoff contention, do we leave Rodgers out and allow Flynn to build on his talent and skills?

I’m not going to change my opinion, no matter how many times I’m asked. I believe that if he’s fully recovered, medically cleared to play and able to defend himself, Aaron Rodgers should play. I don’t believe a proud franchise should conspire to lose. That’s an outrage.

Matthew from Kenosha, WI

Howie Long said today the Seahawks and 49ers are the two deepest teams in the NFL and the reason is because neither of them has had to write that big check to their QB, yet. Would you agree with this?

Yes, I would agree with that, but I would also add that both teams hit the jackpot in the years when they were high in the draft order. I wrote about that in “Ask Vic” this week. The Seahawks, for example, drafted Russell Okung and Earl Thomas in the first round when the Seahawks had the sixth overall pick a few years ago. You have to hit when you’re high in the order. Those are big-money picks and they’ll cripple your future if you miss on them.

Jon from Kingsford, MI

There are around 65 plays per game. How many does the defense play in a true 3-4?

Sub-package defense is played on about half the plays of a game. The Packers play a lot of nickel and dime. We’ll see more base defense today because this is likely to be a run-heavy game.

David from Washington, DC

What on earth is wrong with our safeties?

It’s a fair question. Morgan Burnett got burned on the coverage and M.D. Jennings missed the tackle. That’s a 1-2 punch. What’s wrong? They’re not getting the job done. That was a mental mistake, that was getting beat physically.

Sean from Baltimore, MD

Offense actually did what it needed to help the defense out. What will your excuse be this week? They held the ball for too long and our defense got cold? Our defense/Capers is more of a joke than your analysis is. Congrats, I guess.

Thank you.

Michael from Oak Forest, IL

Vic, is it asking too much for some speed and explosiveness on the defense? We need a chip on our shoulder. I don’t see it. Am I missing it?

I don’t think attitude is the problem. I think more players are necessary.

Randy from Sun Prairie, WI

After that ridiculous kick-pick-six, can we stop with the “God is a Green Bay Packers fan” talk? This team has been cursed this year.

A curse isn’t the problem, either. That pass was thrown behind John Kuhn, which is the reason for it being deflected and intercepted.

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