Ask Vic Halftime: Big chunks of yardage are the big problem

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on December 15, 2013 – 4:56 pm


Trevor from Peoria, IL

Vic, longtime fan here. Why does our defense have more holes than Swiss cheese? I mean, I have a difficult time believing it’s a lack of talent. Is it poor scheming or poor execution? Both?

I don’t know what the problem is, all I can do is agree with you that there’s a problem and it’s significant. You can’t surrender yardage as the Packers have in the first half and expect to win. In time, your question will be answered by the decisions the team makes in the offseason.

Adam from Muskego, WI

Remember when you said we were deep at defensive back. Well, we need serious help at the safety position. Is this something we can agree on?


Patrick from Chicago, IL

Vic, this game is looking a lot like Thanksgiving, and that scares me.

The Packers have to stop allowing big chunks of yardage. It starts with that. With 4:17 to play in the Thanksgiving game, the yardage difference was 563-56. I can’t remember having covered a game with that kind of gap in yardage. I sincerely hope I’m not watching Thanksgiving, Part II.

Randy from Aurora, CO

Say what you will about the defense, but the offense needs to put together sustained drives and give the defense a break.

You’re right.  This is an ambush. The defense needs to slow down the action and allow the offense to claw its way back into this game, and the offense has to start sustaining drives. The Cowboys have a big time of possession advantage. 

Anthony from Dayton, OH

What is missing in the Packers defense?

It has been my experience that when a problem repeats over an extended period of time, more players are needed.

Rick from Evergreen, CO

Sounds like a lot of Packers fans in the stands. What’s the percentage look like to you?

It’s not San Diego, but it’s a nice representation of Packers fans that can be seen and heard. You never have to worry about Packers fans showing up. They have my respect and appreciation. They are the best thing about the Green Bay Packers so far today.

Ned from Greenville, SC

Do you know why the home/away jerseys are swapped today?

The home team always has its choice of jerseys to wear, and the Cowboys have forever elected to wear white at home. I’m surprised at how many of these questions I’ve received. I figured everyboy knew the Cowboys wear white at home.

Dale from Kingston, IL

This is getting hard to watch. Why does it always seem our defensive backs are a step or two behind the receiver? Someone is always open.

Scheme can’t cover receivers and it can’t tackle ball carriers. Those are physical acts that have to be executed by the players, not the coaches. What will the coaches do at halftime to help reverse the trend? Whatever it is they do, it will have to be executed by the players. We’ll see what this team is made of in the second half. This is a gut check now.

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