Ask Vic Halftime: Packers, Steelers painting a pretty picture

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on December 22, 2013 – 4:49 pm

Angela from Mason City, IA

What will it take for Packers to go to the playoffs?

In my opinion, it’ll take two wins.

Conner from Germantown, WI

Ike’s head snapped back on that one. I bet he doesn’t want to get in front of Lacy again. Your kind of run right there, Vic.

You bet it is. That’s power football. The other guy, Le’Veon Bell, isn’t bad, either. I knew he was big, but I didn’t know he was this big.

Jim from Oak Creek, WI

Are there any medical records that we can see on Aaron’s injury?

I understand your frustration but this is the way it is for all fans for all teams in the league. If you’re looking for transparency, you’re not going to get it on a NFL injury report. We get the minimum of details for several reasons, including the player’s right to privacy and the intent to deny information to the opponent. Trust me when I tell you that Aaron Rodgers is as tough as they come and if he were medically able to play, he would.

Sam from Lakeville, MN

A few weeks ago, many Packers fans were calling to give up on the season, and you rightfully told them how cowardly that was. Now it seems the Packers organization is giving up on the present. As an old-school tough guy, how do you really feel about Rodgers sitting this long when the player and coach want him to play?

He can’t play. It’s just that simple. The bone is not healed. The Packers are totally committed to victory. I believe that with all my heart.

Deb from Sheboygan, WI

Vic, is this the type of Dec. football you like?

This goes beyond sport; this is art. The scene from the press box is as pretty as anything I could describe. These are two iconic NFL franchises playing in their iconic uniforms as night falls on a field that is slowly but surely turning white. I am in awe of these players and their ability to perform in these conditions.

Mike from Charlotte, NC

Vic, it’s all about completing drives. It’s also about canning the penalties. Every time something gets going, there is a big penalty on the offense. Get rid of those penalties and they can put Pittsburgh away. Agree?

This one is going to be all about the fourth quarter.

Ariel from Denmark, WI
What needs to happen this next half to keep your December friend around?
Rush and sack the quarterback. That’s how you beat the Steelers. Do not allow Ben Roethlisberger time to throw or extend plays. He has to be sacked.

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