Ask Vic Halftime: Expect more all-out rushes by Bears

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on December 29, 2013 – 4:53 pm


Julie from Jackson, MI

Where is Eddie Lacy?

He’s splitting time with James Starks. Obviously, they’re trying to keep Lacy from wearing out late in the game, which is what happened against the Steelers when his ankle weakened.

Sam from Ridgewood, NJ

If the Packers win, can they be a Super Bowl contender?

In my opinion, every team in the playoffs is a Super Bowl contender. All it takes is one play and one win to make you a hot team. That’s exactly what happened to the Ravens last year. Just make it into the playoffs; just win today’s game.

Paul from De Pere, WI

Who is the most important Packer on defense today?

I think it’s whatever linebacker the Bears decide to pick on. I think that’s what they’re going to do, focus on the Packers linebackers and try to get them matched up on Matt Forte.

James from Tucson, AZ

Saw a Bears fan at breakfast. He suggested we go out back. I bought his breakfast.

He needs a lot more than a free breakfast.

Jarrett from Byron, IL

Do you have any pregame rituals?

I like to engage my media buddies, especially those I don’t see every week, and get their opinion on the game. There are a lot of big boys here for this game.

Ryan from Menomonie, WI

You were right, Vic, it would have been nice for Rodgers to get a game in before this one.

The second interception was the result of a high throw. That’s not a Rodgers-type throw. Yeah, it would’ve been nice had he been able to play last week, but it is what it is. What concerns me the most is that Rodgers is clearly hesitant to run with the ball, which is to be understood. That won’t be lost on Mel Tucker. I think we’re going to see more all-out rushes by the Bears to try to move Rodgers off the spot. The threat of scramble isn’t there. That’s a big part of Rodgers’ game that is missing today.

Matt from Saugerties, NY

The field conditions in Chicago are notoriously bad, so why doesn’t the league step in and do something?

They look fine to me. I intensely dislike whining and crying about field conditions. It’s football, not golf.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

First half is Rodgers preseason, second half is his playoffs. Got to keep it close until halftime.

Good thought. This one will come down to a big play in the fourth quarter. I can feel it.

Jonathan from Toronto, Ontario

Any insight on why the Packers ran so many sweeps in the first half against the Bears?

Zone blocking is all about getting defenders running laterally, and then cutting the ball back behind them.

Thomas from Vienna, Austria

We control time of possession, as you said; this is the key to the game, but we are still behind. What needs to be changed in the rest of the game?

Hang on for a minute. Jarrett Boykin is running with the ball. Changed!

Phil from Fort Wayne, IN

Vic, was the play that Boykin scored on the trick play we’re looking for?

That’s the one.

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