Ask Vic Halftime: Lots of despair, even though game is close

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on January 5, 2014 – 5:08 pm

Craig from Earlville, IL

Well, you will get a big I told you so at halftime. This ain’t Dallas and it ain’t that cold, and even Sitton was worrying about sleeves, so don’t say the Packers will not be affected, they already are. Embarrassing! Looks like Kap is the veteran. I am done watching!

Hang in there, Craig. The team needs your support.

Damian from Brillion, WI

Vic, I listened to part of the radio broadcast with you as a guest; the part where they said defense doesn’t win games. Clearly, in the first quarter, the 49ers defense is winning this game.

How could one man be as wrong as often as I am?

Bill from La Crosse, WI

Why is Aaron holding onto the ball so long?

His receivers didn’t win their one-on-ones in the first quarter.

Cody from Lowry, MN

Vic, why is the offense struggling so bad?

In the first quarter, the protection was bad and the receivers weren’t getting open soon enough.

Troy from Holmen, WI

I know the Niners’ front is good on defense, but the Packers look intimidated. They’re lucky to be down by only six after the first quarter.

I completely agree with that. Had the Packers defense folded in the red zone, the Packers would be looking at a serious uphill struggle.

Scott from Washington, DC

You were right, the cold really is impacting the game. The more physical team is having their way out there. This is embarrassing.

I love my inbox. It’s such a happy place.

Patrick from Watervliet, NY

I’ve been watching the first half with angst, even though I’ve previously considered myself winsome. I was happy when the fans booed after third-and-15 but now, win or lose, I will never forget the image of Tramon Williams lowering his head and giving Kaepernick the crack he deserves. These guys play with too much heart to be anything but proud of them.

Ah, good times have arrived.

Angelo from Lakewood, CO

Why is it SF is making plays and GB is doing nil, if Mike McCarthy is the offensive mastermind he is? Once again, no imagination whatsoever; same old, same old. I could do better and I am 71 years old. Time for the coaching staff to go to the old folks home. I have said before, this coaching staff needs to retire.

You don’t mean that, Angelo. He doesn’t mean that, folks, really.

John from San Francisco, CA

Vic, it’s Buck, not Troy, Buck. Everyone hates him.

Buck? I thought it was Troy Aikman. I’m confused. There’s too much hate to keep it all straight.

Brian from Kenosha, WI

How many times have you seen a single turnover completely change the momentum of the game? If the Packers go on to win this game, I see Tramon Williams’ interception as the key turning point.

I’ve seen it happen many times, and it’ll probably happen again in this game. My advice to everyone is to not swing too far to either side. This one will probably be decided by a big play in the fourth quarter. You’re free to continue to deposit your despair, joy, anxiety, elation, anger, support, whatever in my inbox. It’s always there for you.

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