Steelers’ Kevin Colbert says this is deepest draft he’s ever seen

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on February 20, 2014 – 1:32 pm

Kevin ColbertINDIANAPOLIS–Steelers personnel boss Kevin Colbert has certainly raised expectations.

“I’ve said it, this is the best draft – I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and this is the deepest draft I’ve ever seen. We felt that way even before – I wouldn’t say the deepest draft before the underclassmen came in, but even during the fall our scouts were talking that the senior class was a pretty good class. You don’t know what the junior class will be, so you anticipate and try to predict what that will be until you know for sure. The juniors added into it make it a very talented group,” Colbert said during his media interview at the scouting combine on Thursday.

Colbert added one disclaimer.

“But the one thing that we talk about with these juniors, or any of the underclassmen, the redshirt sophomores, we are very cautiously optimistic about their emotional and physical readiness for this. This is a huge jump. Even though it’s a more talented group, or the most talented group that I have seen, I am also worried that it’s probably the most immature group. We have to be prepared for more player-development type of programs, or maybe enhancing your player development to get the most out of these younger players.

“You can look across the board. I can’t see a position where there isn’t more depth than there has ever been. It’s exciting when you are picking players out of this group,” Colbert added.

He also made interesting remarks about the Seahawks’ model for winning a championship. Is it something Colbert tries to model?

“I don’t. My hat is off to John Schneider and Coach Pete Carroll. They put together a great program. That’s a program that is unique to them. We have 32 teams. We are all different. We are made up differently. We all have different philosophies. Their philosophy was the one that won the Super Bowl this year. Again, congratulations to them. Their makeup is different than our makeup. It’s different than New England’s. It’s different than everybody’s,” Colbert said.

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