Another school surprise: Norway-Vulcan

Posted by Aaron Popkey on April 16, 2014 – 2:33 pm


Setting goals and perseverance were the themes for more than 700 students at Norway-Vulcan Area Schools in Norway, Mich.

Mason Crosby relayed his experience with perseverance while discussing his challenging 2012 season and the steps he took to come back strong in 2013.

During the Q-and-A session, a variety of topics were discussed, including the NFL’s hardest-to-tackle players.

“I’d have to go with Adrian Peterson,” said Brad Jones. “He is very strong and tough to bring down.”

Bush agreed, and added Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald as receivers who are tough to corral.

Crosby, who occasionally makes a tackle after kicking off, mentioned that he wasn’t upset to see Devin Hester leave the Chicago Bears, and also spoke generally of who he does not like to see returning kicks.

“First, I don’t like to be making too many tackles, but – and no offense to James Lofton – I’d rather see a wide receiver back there than a running back.”

When asked about how football has changed over the years, Lofton first spoke of how the world has changed, pointing out that he used to have to get up to change the TV channel, use a payphone, get pictures developed (“two weeks later”) and thought computers were something of the future. As he described these phenomena, the current players had a laugh at his expense.

“What are you guys laughing at?” Lofton asked with mock irritation.

After departing, a short drive was on tap to the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in nearby Iron Mountain, Mich.


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