Bark River-Harris School receives visit

Posted by Aaron Popkey on April 16, 2014 – 1:48 pm


As the team walked in to Bark River-Harris School, a facility that is home to more than 700 students from grades Kindergarten through 12, Paul Coffman remarked about the size of the facility.

“It’s definitely not a one-room school like Dickey went to,” he said, with a smiling nod to his teammate.

Inside, smiles were abound on the faces of more than 400 elementary school students in the gymnasium at Bark River-Harris School as the members of the Tailgate Tour entered for the surprise visit.

Play 60 was the theme for the young students, and in addition to being encouraged to be active for at least 60 minutes each day, Jarrett Bush implored the students to have healthy eating habits, too.

“Pizza is great, but you need to eat your spinach, too,” he said. Bush’s teammates chuckled at the second such mention of the spinach-pizza combination.

Evidence of the Packers-Lions rivalry existed within the young crowd during the Q-and-A session when a student asked the players what team was the easiest to play.

When Mark Murphy answered that there are no easy teams in the NFL, a few students playfully shouted out, “Lions.”

Later, during a session for approximately 340 middle and high school students, James Lofton reminded the assembly about how leadership opportunities exist in every situation.

“Being a role model is when you walk down the hallway. Those younger students look up to you. Use those little opportunities as ways to properly show them how to treat others,” he said.

Mark Murphy made sure to mention a noteworthy graduate of the high school, Allen Johnson, the Packers’ fields manager. In addition to his fine work overseeing the playing surface on Lambeau Field and the team’s practice fields, Johnson made his TV commercial debut during the Super Bowl this past year during a Coca-Cola commercial, handing a young football player a cold Coke on the legendary field after he “scored” a touchdown.

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