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Posted by Aaron Popkey on April 17, 2014 – 1:30 pm


After having to forgo a surprise stop at a school due to the overnight snowfall, the guys were feeling a little hungry, but instead of taking the Tailgate Tour motor coach through the drive through, they decided that they wanted to become short-term employees at McDonald’s and Subway in Ashland, Wis.

What seemed like a normal lunch order for Ashland residents quickly became a memorable experience when they pulled up and saw the players taking their orders at the window at McDonald’s and behind the counter at Subway.

Paul Coffman and Jarrett Bush made sandwiches at Subway, with Coffman performing his work in a very detailed fashion.

“When I’m at Subway ordering, I’m very particular about spreading out the toppings, almost coaching them,” he said. “So I made sure to do a good job today behind the counter. I didn’t want anyone yelling at me.”

At McDonald’s, Mason Crosby and Brad Jones took turns handing food out the drive through window to unsuspecting customers. They also pitched in making coffee, flipping burgers and taking orders at the counter.

“My work was sufficient, but I don’t think I was the most impressive worker to ever grace the golden arches,” Jones said. “At one point I was doing everyone’s jobs, but when they asked if I wanted to handle the money, I said no, that was too much.”

And after serving lunch to fans, the Packers enjoyed their own meal at the Deep Water Grille, located in the historic downtown area of Ashland.

The Tailgate Tour is continuing to Superior.

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