Packers surprise Northwestern High

Posted by Aaron Popkey on April 17, 2014 – 3:59 pm


After mastering the art of the drive-through, the members of the Tailgate Tour performed their next surprise stop, an assembly at Northwestern High School in Maple, Wis.

More than 430 students were on hand to listen to the players and alumni discuss the importance of never giving up and utilizing the talents that you have.

James Lofton, in addition to discussing one’s talent, urged students to find something about which they are passionate.

“I hope you find something you can do with passion,” he said. “Find something that keeps you up at night, something you’re eager to do each day.”

Brad Jones echoed Lofton’s sentiments, but also added that the students needed to work hard to fully utilize their gifts.

During the Q-and-A session, players were asked about the difficulties of seeing teammates go to other teams, as well as having new players become teammates. Mason Crosby acknowledged it was difficult to see a player go, but said it’s part of the game. Regarding new teammates, Crosby said sometimes it’s simply great to have a nemesis no longer be an opponent.

“I am happy to have Julius Peppers on our team now. He blocked four of my kicks with the Chicago Bears,” he explained.

Social media has become a part of the tour as well, with one student requesting a “selfie.” The tour members obliged, but made sure he was to label it #tailgate tour.

On the road again, the Tailgate Tour is heading to Superior. Tonight’s party will start off with a groundbreaking at the National Bank of Commerce Spartan Sports Complex, the facility that will benefit from the party.


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