Ask Vic Halftime: Scheme has nothing to do with it

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on August 9, 2014 – 8:26 pm

ask-vic-half-cenex-600-REVISEWilliam from Ahoskie, NC
Vic, I’m 31, 150 pounds soaking wet, and possess maybe average speed. However, I can call for a fair catch and field it cleanly every time. Will you put in a good word for me with Ted. I’ll except the league minimum.

Big, fast, angry men are running at you, yelling terrible things at you as you look up into the sky. Sure, you’d catch it.

Tyler from Menomonie, WI
Football doesn’t stop. No matter the conditions, the show must always go on. Have you ever been part of a game that has been called off? Who called it off?

It was the 1976 College All-Star Game. The skies opened up and there was lightning and thunder and everybody left and nobody came back, including the teams and the fans. It would be the last-ever College All-Star Game.

Teg from San Luis Obispo, CA
Vic, do you think the mixture of the short dump-off passes and runs up the middle we have seen in the first half of the Titans preseason game will be a trend throughout the regular season in setting up the deep ball play-action for Nelson/Cobb? I see virtually nothing for the TE game other than run/pass protection on the offensive line.

Never, ever consider scheme in a preseason game. Coaches do everything they can not to do in a preseason game what they will do in a regular season game.

Dylan from Wilkes Barre, PA
Vic, the run game has jumped out so far, but what individual on defense has done it most for you?

It’s Clay Matthews. I was encouraged by what I saw.

Randy from Eagle, WI
I am having a hard time seeing with the rain. Who’s looking sharp, Vic?

James Starks was outstanding. He’s picked up right where he left off last season. He was about to go to Pittsburgh for a free-agent visit when the Packers signed him to a new contract. Remember that. I think re-signing Starks is real big.

Jason from Syracuse, NY
What are your impressions now of moving the PAT back, after seeing the first half of the game?

It might have merit.

Ben from London, Ontario
How badly do you think those muffed punts are gonna hurt Adams?

They won’t help. A coach must have confidence in his return man to catch the ball. It’s that simple. Catching the ball cleanly and securing it in the rain would’ve been a perfect way for Adams to gain his coach’s trust.

Anne from Auburndale, WI
Vic, as the camera pans around the stadium for this first preseason game, I have to wonder how many people showed for the game? I see the rain is heavy, but there are a lot of empty seats out there.

LP Field is half full; that’s a kind assessment. Anne, this isn’t Green Bay. This is the real world. A lot of teams don’t have the history, tradition, fan base and championship-season hopes the Packers have. The Titans franchise lost its founder and owner, Bud Adams, and it’s trying to get back to where it was in the Steve McNair years. Nashville is a good town. Pro football prospered here once before and it’ll prosper again.

Jason fronm Friesland, WI
Vic, are you dry?

I’m dry, but I wouldn’t be dry if I was sitting a few feet to my left. That position has been vacated and a bucket now sits on the desk top to collect water dripping from above.



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