News now! Ted Thompson mum on Worthy trade reports

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on August 13, 2014 – 11:04 am

140813-news-new-thompson-300GREEN BAY–As reports link the Packers to a trade that would send defensive lineman Jerel Worthy to the Patriots, Packers General Manager Ted Thompson would neither confirm nor deny such a trade when he met with the media in his weekly press conference on Wednesday.

“I can’t confirm or add anything to that but I’ll be glad to talk about anything else. Because of agreements with other teams, we won’t be discussing that,” Thompson said, acknowledging news reports of a Packers-Patriots trade.

Worthy was a second-round draft pick by the Packers in 2012. He has been unable to practice in this training camp.

Thompson will move from the press box to the Packers sideline for this Saturday’s preseason game in St. Louis. He said the sideline gives him a better feel for the players on whom he will eventually have to make roster decisions.

“I’d like to see them run around, have some fun, enjoy playing the game — don’t forget that it’s just a game — and do the best they can. They do know there are decisions being made, decisions that’ll affect their lives. I’d like to watch, especially the young guys, and see how they fit in and make sure they understand it’s still just a game,” he said.

When he was a player for the Houston Oilers, the NFL played six-game preseasons. Now, it’s four and there’s talk of it needing to be reduced to three or two.

“We’d do something so we could at least stand up here at the podium with a straight face and tell you we could make that decision,” Thompson said.

A good draft class?

“If you get a couple of good ones, that’s usually a good class,” he added.






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