News now! Thompson, McCarthy work together on roster decisions

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on August 27, 2014 – 9:31 am

140827-news-now-thompson-300GREEN BAY–Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are said to work well together in a league in which general managers and head coaches often clash. What’s the secret to Thompson’s and McCarthy’s relationship?

“When we get down to the hard decisions, we have to do what’s right for the Packers and for the people in that locker room,” Thompson said during his weekly training camp press conference on Wednesday.

Thompson is facing the annual final roster reduction this weekend. He has long admitted it’s a time that troubles him emotionally.

“It weighs on you pretty good. It’s important to these young guys and some of them are not going to be able to survive past the weekend. It’s the hard edge of NFL football,” Thompson said.

The marriage of opinion between personnel and coaching is one of the key instruments in making decisions on players, and that’s where the Thompson-McCarthy relationship is so important.

“Those are conversations between Mike and I. He has a pretty good feel for his staff. Everybody is trying to do the right thing. Mike and I work pretty good together,” Thompson said.

Meanwhile, the general manager’s scouting staff quickly turns its attention to roster decisions being made by the league’s other 31 teams and the players who’ve been released.

“The first thing we do when a guy gets cut is (ask) what grade did we give that guy when he was in college?” Thompson said.

On Tuesday, the Packers released tight end Colt Lyerla after having assigned him to the injured reserve list a week earlier. Will the Packers re-sign Lyerla at a later date?

“I don’t know. We reached an injury settlement with Colt and he’s a free agent. We’ll see,” Thompson said.




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