Ask Vic Halftime: Here’s my training camp/preseason MVP

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on August 28, 2014 – 7:37 pm


Pau from Barcelona, Spain
Vic, I follow and enjoy your columns, even in training camp. TC is over; so is the preseason. Tell us who would be your TC MVP.

If JC Tretter hadn’t been injured, it might’ve been him. I was leaning toward Richard Rodgers until Jayrone Elliott’s sack in the first quarter. Nobody has come as far and as fast this summer as Elliott has. He has etched himself into the training camp history book with a storybook pursuit of a job in the NFL.

Ryan from Toledo, OH
Vic, I think Richard Rodgers could be a very effective starter for us at tight end. What do you think is the order of our depth chart at tight end?

Rodgers, Andrew Quarless and Brandon Bostick, when he’s healthy, but don’t etch that in stone. If Rodgers is this team’s starting tight end, a lot can change. Quarless played through the second quarter. What does that mean?

Joe from Dubuque, IA
Elliott is a beast. He has to make the 53, right?

Everybody’s looking for pass rushers. Dee Ford was a first-round pick for the Chiefs and Elliott is outplaying him tonight. I think Elliott makes the 53.

Todd from Boondocks, IA
When you covered the Jaguars during their down years, how did you approach “Ask Vic” compared to how you do it now with the Packers?

No difference; I told the truth. When the Jaguars had to gut the roster due to a salary cap problem in 2002, I told the readers the Jaguars were in rebuilding and it was going to take more than one year to fix the cap and the roster. The Packers are not in rebuilding.

Jeff from Grass Valley, CA
We’ve had lighten up week. What would you call this week for Packers fans?

The next six days are “Here We Go!” time.

Alex from Los Angeles, CA
Linsley looks solid and Elliot is the truth.

I watched Corey Linsley in the first quarter. I thought he was especially effective in run blocking. Let’s please remember that he and the Packers will be playing against a very different opponent next Thursday. They’ll be playing against the Super Bowl champions.

Matt from New York, NY
We want Seattle! We want Seattle!

That’s good, cause you’re gonna get them.

Ed from Fort Bragg, CA
Vic, I am thoroughly disgusted with the NFL’s values that were demonstrated by suspending a player for a year for smoking pot and only suspending a player for two games for violence against a woman. I think that sets a very bad example for the youth. What’s your take on this?

I think the NFL regrets that decision and it took steps to correct the problem today, but let’s please let that go for now. I’m watching a football game. It’s not an especially memorable football game, but watching a football game is why I’m here and it sure beats debating punishment for nefarious behavior. Jimmy Cannon said he liked being a sportswriter because he liked being in happy places. I’m in the press box tonight. I’m in a happy place.

Bob from Oosterhout, The Netherlands
Good luck, Ted Thompson. This roster is loaded with talent.

Yes, it is, but by the time he gets done using all of the means available to him to keep the players he wants, you’ll wonder if anybody was released at all.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC
Finally, the interception you’ve been looking for.

First in the preseason by a defensive back; Jarrett Bush was playing cornerback, though. I want one of the Packers’ safeties to get one.


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