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Posted by Duke Bobber on August 28, 2014 – 10:43 pm

(opening statement) “That’s exactly how you want to finish your preseason. As I told the football team, after the prayer, I don’t know if I’ve felt this good coming out of the preseason as I do tonight. It’s a group that’s got better each and every week. I really like the mix from an experience standpoint, the veterans and the young players. We’ve hit the targets. The next 48 hours is the worst part of our jobs. I’m very hopeful of the 75 men currently on our roster, all 63 of our opportunities come from that group.”

(on if the decision whether or not to keep three quarterbacks will be a difficult one) “I agree with that. Matt and Scott have both championed the case to be on our football team. I felt very good about their progress from last year through the spring, all the way through training camp. Based on watching it live, I think they both played pretty well tonight. Just the little things, too. There are a number of little things that went on, as far as checks and adjustments and things like that. I thought they both played very well.”

(on if he’ll use all of his time to make cuts) “Absolutely. Absolutely. The most important thing we have in front of us is picking this roster. Our preliminary work on Seattle has been extensive. As far as the game plan, and things like that, we’re in very good shape.”

(on Jayrone Elliot) “Obviously he made a number of big plays. He cramped up there and went back in, and you like to see that. His body of work has been very good.”

(on if this is a Super Bowl team) “I don’t jump out and make statements. Our goal is simply the same every year; we’re here to win championships. That’s what we’re working for. That will never change. That’s a part of being a Green Bay Packer. But with that, we’re not ignorant to the fact that you play 16 games and we have a game coming up here next Thursday.”

(on the upcoming schedule playing a role in deciding to sit so many players) “The game being seven days away was a huge factor in how we decided to approach this game. That goes without being said. As far as our schedule, tomorrow will be similar to a coach’s game plan day. It’d be an in-season Tuesday. Saturday will be kind of like our Monday. We’ll bring the players in late and we’ll just do meetings and everything in house here. We’ll look over the film and Sunday will be an adjusted Wednesday. Monday will be an adjusted Thursday, and then Tuesday’s a Friday. Wednesday, we’ll have our practice and then get on a plane to go to Seattle.”


(on McCarthy’s comments after the game) “He feels that we did a great job with everything and that everybody gave a great effort and unfortunately we won’t be able to have everyone around. So everybody keep their heads up and just keep playing.”

(on the first game against Seattle) “I feel ready. We’ve been taking steps all throughout training camp and I feel like putting the pieces together and I feel like I’m ready. I feel like tonight, I felt real comfortable out there so I’m ready for this next game.”

(on touchdown) “It felt good, I mean, my first real touchdown. Got the two-point conversion against St. Louis but first Lamebau Leap and I had so much adrenaline I was just making sure I didn’t jump up into the box seats because I was feeling it. It was a good feeling though.”


(on the team’s overall good performance tonight) “I was real proud of some of those young guys that got in there, especially that reserve offensive line. [They had] a lot of guys fighting and they executed really well. It was fun to watch, fun to be a part of and that’s kind of the way that you want to go out in the fourth preseason game.”

(on if leading three scoring drives made a statement) “I don’t know. The only thing I’m thinking about is the ones I missed. I know that we had some production, but there’s a couple plays that I’m pretty frustrated about.”

(on what particular play he was upset about) “The fourth-down corner route to ‘Stony’ (TE Jake Stoneburner). I don’t know why, I don’t think I’ve ever done it in my life, but I flinched at a guy coming at me about to hit me and made a bad throw. It’s embarrassing so, yeah, I’d like to have that one back.”

(on what these next days are like for him) “Hopefully they’re really good. I don’t know, I just go home and hang out with my wife and my dogs and go about normal, everyday life and hope you don’t get a call.”

(on facing a playoff-caliber team) “It’s definitely good competition. They obviously have a great team. They have a great coach. But if you look at what they did on defense, they weren’t trying to out-coach us or out-scheme us. We lined up and they played a lot of man-to-man coverage and it was basically just let your guys go – the guys fighting for spots – let them go and have a lot of one-on-one battles. We won a lot of those today and we’d like to think that we could have won some more.”

(on the competition between him and Scott Tolzien) “I’ve said it from day one and it’s true, I’m not just saying it to say it, but I really haven’t paid attention to any competition. I’ve been out there supporting Scott, have never once compared apples to apples or tried to, and I don’t think anybody really does in a competition. But I think both him and I have played well and I think both him and I have made an argument to be on this football team.”


(on knowing ball was coming to him on fourth-down play) “I wasn’t sure but I knew I had a good chance at it so I was looking up and hoping.”

(on fourth-down play) “I just saw the ball in the air and had a chance to make a play and good thing I looked it in and scored the touchdown.”

(on first Lamebau Leap) “It was awesome. The fans are pretty crazy.”

(on final audition) “I think I showed what I can do and I knew coming into this game I had to showcase a little bit more and I think I did pretty well.”

(on proving he deserves spot on roster) “I think so but then again I know I’ve got a lot more work to do and a lot more things I need to work on, so I’m just going to hope for the best.”

(on 62-yard kickoff return) “I just got thrown back there. I was the second kickoff returner and I was just looking to make a play and I saw an opening so I took it and ran with it.”

(on Flynn and Tolzien) “They’re both good guys and they both throw a good ball and they’re both really good quarterbacks, so that’s going to be a tough decision.”

(on pressure regarding roster spots) “There was quite a bit, and like I said, I knew that I had to perform and show once again what I could do so I feel really good about the game and I’m just going to hope for the best.”

(on approaching tonight’s game) “I just approached it just like any other game and tried to just think of it as just another preseason game where I could go out and show what I could do, so that’s how I took it.”


(on what the game film will show) “A lot of guys going hard, playing fast. A few minor mental errors out there that we kind of game-planned for. I had a mental error. I think someone else did, but regardless I think we played hard and fast and did well.”

(on his mental error) “I was the outside zone and went the wrong way.”

(on feeling in control) “Yeah, I did. I actually felt this was,) mentally and in terms of the intangible aspect of the game, I felt the most comfortable out there now. They’ve been telling me to get to the line and make the calls quicker and I felt that I did that better today than I ever have before, so I felt like I got better there.”

(on mindset) “Every game is an opportunity. There’s never a game for me where it’s just another game. I’m not there yet. Every day is another opportunity to get better and today was one of those.”

(on progress tonight against quality opponent) “Coach McCarthy just said that he doesn’t know that he’s ever felt this good after training camp or felt like a team has made this much progress after training camp, so I feel that when a head coach like Coach McCarthy says something like that you know it’s for real. Obviously everybody did a pretty good job tonight and played hard. There’s something to be said for that.”

(on how starting tonight might help against Seattle) “Seattle’s obviously a different environment. It’s going to be a bigger stage and everything but the area I feel I made the most improvement on was making my calls early and often, loud so everyone could hear them, so I felt I got better at that tonight.”


(on how he felt about the game tonight) “I thought guys just played well all together on our offense. Everywhere across the line – offensive line, receivers, running back – everyone that played showed up and played well.”

(on if he feels like he played to the best of his ability) “I think you’re always hard on yourself, [but] I’m definitely pleased. I think our whole offense is pleased with how the game went, but I’m sure when we watch the tape tomorrow you’ll see stuff that you can improve on, like every game. I thought just as a whole offensive unit, guys really came and played hard and played well.”

(on the relationship between him and Flynn despite competing for the same spot) “I like our [quarterback] room, and first and foremost, they’re great guys. It’s truly the most fun I’ve ever had playing football, having those guys in the room. They keep the mood light and it’s been fun in that regard. You spend so much time preparing for these games that you’re always happy for the other guy’s success just because you see how much time we put in it together, so it’s nice when it shows up on game day too.”

(on if he’s ever alternated playing like tonight) “Actually, last preseason we did it by series, actually against the Chiefs, when I was with San Fran[cisco]. That’s a little bit harder just because you’re kind of in and out, juggling. It’s tough to get in a rhythm, but I thought for the most part it went well tonight.”

(on how he would assess his entire summer) “Every day you’re just trying to get better at something and I’m really lucky, honestly. It’s a really good coaching staff here and then obviously playing with Matt [Flynn] and Aaron [Rodgers], that’s a lot of experience in this offense, so you learn a lot every single day. It’s been a great experience for me and I really have enjoyed my time here.”

(on what the next two days are like) “They’re tough no matter what because it’s kind of out of your hands. So you just control what you can control and it’s just tough because this room will never be the same as far as everyone on the roster [that] has to be cut. You build some great relationships and you’re here all hours of the day, so you meet a lot of guys and it’s never easy. I think these are the worst two days of the year coming up.”

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