News now! Mike McCarthy says league has made its point

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on September 2, 2014 – 11:46 am

140902-news-now-mccarthy-300GREEN BAY–Coach Mike McCarthy says the league has made its point about hand placement, and the number of penalties began to decline as the preseason progressed.

“I think the point has been made. Hand placement is something we’ve focused on. The conversation before the game is usually how the game is called,” McCarthy said in his Tuesday press conference. “They’re emphasizing don’t grab the jersey, so don’t grab the jersey. They made their point during the preseason and it’s our job to teach it that way.”

Thursday’s “Kickoff” game in Seattle will give the rest of the league a gauge on the question: Will penalty flags continue to fly, especially against defensive backs, according to the league’s new point of emphasis in enforcing illegal contact and defensive holding.

The Packers will be playing against Richard Sherman, widely considered to be the best cornerback in the game. Will Sherman play on one side only or shadow Jordy Nelson?

“If you watch the games, he’ll be playing to our right,” McCarthy said.

Randall Cobb is the Packers’ other main receiving target.

“Randall has come off his injury excellent. He’s had an excellent offseason and training camp. He looks like Randall. He’s ready to go,” McCarthy said. has provided this full report following locker room interviews.

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