Ask Vic Halftime: Packers must stop run, score often or score slowly

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on September 4, 2014 – 9:04 pm

ask-vic-half-cenex-600-REVISEMonica from Green Bay, WI
Vic, I am happy and enjoying watching. My ears have tuned out the noise and my eyes have tuned in poise and patience on both sides of the ball. What does it sound like from the press box? Ear plug worthy?

I’m behind glass, so the sound is muffled and of no consequence. I could sleep in here. I was in the open-air radio booth before the game, however, and I can tell you the sound was deafening, and the stadium was just beginning to fill up. CenturyLink Field is as advertised.

Tyler from Pierre, SD
How close was the muffed punt to being a penalty?

I think the Packers caught a break.

Joey from Chicago, IL
Well, Vic, the rookie center is looking good so far.

I don’t wanna curse him but, yeah, he appears to be handling the noise and the moment. We must remember Corey Linsley played a lot of big games in front of huge crowds while at Ohio State. Michigan’s and Penn State’s stadiums each seat well over a hundred thousand.

Fred from Bellevue, NE
Any reason Janis is inactive for tonight?

He didn’t fit into their plans. One day, he will.

Matt from Mayville, WI
Vic, I love the Pack, but that Seahawks touchdown at the beginning of the second quarter was pretty awesome.

It was the result of the Seahawks’ play-action game. Sam Shields appeared to bite on a big-time run fake by Russell Wilson. That’s their game. Establish the run and then fake the run and pass.

Joe from Bloomington, IN
Vic, did the Packers forget to game plan for Harvin or is the Seahawks’ offense just too tough to handle?

They’re the Super Bowl champs. I wasn’t expecting a shutout. Harvin is dynamic in space and the Seahawks are bound and determined to get the ball to him in space. You can game plan all you want, but Harvin has speed you can’t match.

James from Wausau, WI
Last team with the ball will win; you can count on it.

That’s a reasonable expectation.

Adam from Wausau, WI
Are the Packers too basic on offense?

No. This is the most multiple, varied, imaginative and dynamic offense I have ever covered, and this is my 43rd year covering pro football and four of the coaches I’ve covered have won a combined eight Super Bowls.

Candido from Tehuacan, Puebla
First game of the season. How are you feeling?

I’m feeling as though I’ve done this before. Seriously, I felt more tension for the game in Chicago last season.

Jordan from Columbia, MD
Vic, please tell my wife we must run to set up the pass. She keeps yelling to stop running it.

Tell your wife I agree with you.

Mark from Yucaipa, CA
So, Vic, did you hear us?

Yinze sound great.

Mary from Casper, WY
Do you see anything that tells you we may be able to stop the run in the second half?

No and that concerns me. I was worried about the Seahawks’ running game before the game began and I’m more worried about it now. They established it in the second quarter and it’s easy to see the field beginning to spread. The Packers need to either score often or score slowly.


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