Packers-Seahawks postgame quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 5, 2014 – 6:10 am


(Opening statement…) “It was a very hard defeat this evening. Congratulations to Seattle. I thought they played very well. Really in a nutshell, we didn’t come in here and play a style of football that we seeked by any means. With running the football we weren’t quite where we needed to be. We could not stop the run. Our fundamental inconsistencies throughout the game coincided with timely penalties, to combat the momentum swings. We were not able to swing it back tonight. It was a hard loss, a hard defeat.”

(Did the Seattle offense show you anything that you weren’t expecting…) “Without seeing the video and going through specifics, they ran the ball, they ran it well. It’s an important part of their offense. Marshawn Lynch had a huge night. The action and plays off of that were effective and they were able to hit some downfield throws. But to me it really started with the run game.”

(Thoughts on Percy Harvin and him in the run game…) “It’s similar to the way he was used in Minnesota. Obviously he is a dynamic player. We knew that coming in. They had the ability to run the sweeps off of motion and get him the football out on the perimeter. I think they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish running the football with Marshawn and getting the ball to Percy.”

(Injury update on Bryan Bulaga…) “The trainer told me after the game, “We do not fear it’s a major injury””.

(Thoughts on the physicality of the Seattle run game…) “I think that sometimes you can swing that either way based on the conversation. They (Seattle) broke a lot of tackles. We broke some but probably not enough. We’ll get that through the video.”

I just didn’t like the way that we started the game. I didn’t like our substitution patterns, the burning of the timeouts, special teams and defense. You come into this environment, you have to carry your preparation forward. You have to get into a rhythm and a flow, regardless of if you play on offense or defense or special teams. We fought back but we just couldn’t contain it.”

(What do you think of your team’s 4-3 look tonight…) “I don’t feel very good about anything right now. We’ll see how the video looks. We’ll evaluate every play, we’ll correct it and we’ll move forward.”

(Thought on your team’s fourth and five call in the third quarter…) “I thought that it was an important drive in the game, it was a time, clock issue we kind of ran into. I had a conversation with John (Parry) on the sideline. He still disagrees with me. I thought the clock should have been reset there. So we kind of got up against it. In hindsight, I thought about calling timeout and rethinking that situation. But hey, we thought we had a good play, so you go for it on fourth down.”



(On where the team came up short…) “On the scoreboard.”

(On Kam Chancellor…) “He’s rangy, he tackles well, and he hits people when he gets the chance.”

(On the team’s offensive rhythm…) “I felt the rhythm was pretty good on the first few drives. Obviously we wish we would have gotten the second drive in there for a touchdown, it was disappointing. We moved the ball pretty well at times and a little lull there in the third quarter, but came up short.”

(On Seattle stopping the run…) “They did a good job at that. They played a couple defenses. There was a lot of one-eye and getting a seventh person in the box in their sub-personal. There is a free guy at times in those situations and they tackle well. There weren’t a lot of broken tackles for us, big plays.”

(On facing Seattle’s defense…) “This is the Seattle Seahawks—they are a great defense. You don’t expect to move the ball effectively every down, every drive. You got to make the most of your opportunities and when you’re near the red zone you have to score touchdowns. We had some decent opportunities—the stretch in the third quarter with the interception and safety put us our defense in a bad spot, but you got to score more points.”

(On the interception…) “I missed my spot by about a foot.”

(On center Corey Linsley’s first start…)  “Corey did a great job. He did a really great job. Protection—I thought their protection was really good inside and the snaps were solid. He is learning. This is his first start; he’s a rookie. I thought he did a good job for us.”

(On Seattle’s defensive sets…) “They play their one-eye defense and always tackle well in the secondary. Safeties [tackle well], corners are athletic and linebackers are rangy and when you try to run the ball… those guys come up and make tackles. We didn’t break a lot tackles or have explosive gains in the passing game or running game.”

(On short yardage passing…) We had to hit a lot of checkdowns. We hit Jordy (Nelson) a couple times…to open up some of the underneath staff. When you aren’t breaking a lot of tackles you are going to have a lot of two, three, four-yard gains.”



(On the pass intended for him that was intercepted…)  “It went off my fingertips.  I’ve got to make the play.  Big change in the game.”

(On if concentration was an issue…) “No, I just didn’t catch it.”

(On if crowd noise affected communication…)  “It didn’t affect us on the perimeter at all.  I think the O-line handled it well.  I don’t think we had any false starts or anything.  I think it went well.  Great atmosphere.  Great crowd.”

(On how tough it is to catch up…)  “It’s tough, especially against a defense that makes you go the long way.  They don’t give up any big plays.  They make you earn everything you do.  It’s tough when you get behind.  We knew that we couldn’t waste any opportunities.”

(On if Green Bay missed a chance to make a statement early in the season…)  “It’s one game. Obviously it’s the opener of the season and a lot of hype to it, but it’s one game.  It would have been that way if we had won or lost.  We’ve got a lot more season left.”

(On not being able to carry out the game plan…)  “We just missed on some opportunities.  Aaron and I weren’t able to connect in the end zone.  We normally get that.  We just didn’t tonight.  For the most part we played well.  We just had a couple of plays back-to-back that kind of hurt us and got us out of the game.”

(On if the team can avoid a letdown…)  “I think guys just need to understand that it’s one game.  I know it’s an old cliché, but win or lose, next week you’ve just got to bounce back.  You just have to get better and move forward.”



(On the loss…)  “We’re fine.  There’s no need for any panic right now.  It’s one game.  I am not dismissing the fact that we got beat pretty soundly tonight.  It’s one game.”



(On the outcome of the game…)  “We’ve got to go back to the drawing board. We’re a way better team than that.”

(On what made the difference…)  “They just got after us. That’s the best way I can say it.  They just got after us. You could see it in their eyes.  They just got after us.”

(On what to do next…)  “Watch film.  Take a hard look at it.  I want to spit, the way I played.  I can only speak for myself, but that was a pitiful performance.  We’re way better than that.  Watch the tape, make the corrections.  There are a lot of corrections I need to make in my game.

(On what he hoped to see in run defense…)  “We were hoping to see what any defense hopes to see, and that’s to shut down a running game.  I expected us to come out and play much better ball than we did.  I know I expected myself to play much better ball.  I played pitiful.  I don’t think I’ve played that bad since I was about 8.  Monday we get back to the drawing board.

(On what he would attribute to…)  “It was the bad, bad, bad luck of the draw today.  It’s the NFL.  You’re going to win, you’re going to win big.  You’re going to lose, you’re going to lose big.  That’s just the nature of the beast.”

(On if the defense lost its spirit…)  “I don’t think we ever lost our spirit.  I just don’t think we were playing very good football.  At least I wasn’t playing very good football.  To be a leader of this team I have to lead by example.  The example I set definitely reflected on the way we played.”



(On communicating with Aaron Rodgers…) “I thought we handled that the best out of everything. That has to do with our preparation and everything. There was that one miscommunication between myself and Aaron, and I thought he came up and changed the play at the line, and obviously he got on me like a leader should. I thought that was the best thing we did.”

(On if Aaron handled criticizing him well…) “Without a doubt. That’s a leader right there—that’s the leader of our offense, of this team.”

(On the snap count during no-huddle…) “I felt really comfortable with it—even more comfortable than I thought I was going to be. I am not sure whether we had a miscommunication the whole offensive line—it’s a credit to Josh (Sitton) and T.J. (Lang) as well, they helped me out with anything tonight that I may have missed. That was a good thing we did.”

(On what went poorly…) “It was a combination of things. I don’t know—we’ll have to watch the film.”

(On where the team needs to improve…) “I am a rookie. I am out there trying to get everybody on the same page and I don’t have any comments that would be notable.”

(On his first start…) “It was exciting, it was a heck of a time. It was an honor to play next to and snap the ball to a guy like Aaron. It was an honor to play next to Josh and TJ, and obviously Bryan (Bulaga) and Dave (Bakhtiari) as well. I just can’t thank them enough for all the help they have given me so far and I think did decent for my first start, but obviously that remains to be seen.”



(On the team’s performance…) “We didn’t bring what we started in the preseason. We got to regroup and figure it out.”

(On allowing 36 points…) “Yeah, that’s just not the defense that we can play. It wasn’t it, that wasn’t it. We got to figure out what we did because that is not acceptable.”

(On how the team will respond…) “I think we will respond well. I think everybody will regroup and will be more critical of themselves than any coach will ever be. We will figure this out.”



(On Richard Sherman…) “I mean he is a good corner but when it comes down to it we have got to make plays. We had opportunities; we didn’t capitalize on those opportunities. Regardless of where he is on the field—yeah he is a good player and will make plays—but we have to be better.”

(On what went poorly…) “I don’t know. At the end of the day we didn’t make enough plays. We got outmanned across the board; we got to be better. We know what we are capable of on our side of the ball and we to be better. When it comes down to it, we didn’t make the plays when we had the opportunities and that’s what it comes down to.”

(On how the team will improve…) “We are taking it a week at a time. Obviously we had it handed to us tonight, but we got to go back and watch the film—see what we did well, see what we did bad—go back this next week and get back to it and keep grinding, keep pushing, and hopefully we will turn things around next week.”



(On how to bounce back from a loss…)“You just go about it like you always do—work hard in practice. We put a lot of preparation into each and every single game. We work hard and just go about it like we always do.”

(On facing adversity…) “You are always going to have adversity in the game—it’s just how you react. The main part is picking yourself back up and go about it and shake it off and make the most of each play afterwards… You’re always going to have adversity and you just have to make the most of every single play you get.”

(On how the team will improve…) “We know what we are capable of. We are going to go out—we can’t do anything about this game now—so we are going to practice the way we always have and get ready for this next game and prepare for anything.”

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