Packers-Lions post-game quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 21, 2014 – 8:10 pm


Opening statement: “I’ll start with the obvious. (It was a) disappointing loss. We knew it was going to be a tough one coming in here today. I look at the game from our perspective as missed opportunities. I thought our defense played well with the three takeaways and really the time of possession got out of balance and I felt like we were worn down, particularly in the third quarter into the fourth. Offensively, we did not establish the run game particularly the way they were playing us on defense, so the specifics of that I’ll just see the video, we’ll answer all those questions, but I felt like we didn’t stay committed to the run and put a lot on Aaron (Rodgers)  there in the second half. Maybe we should have given him the ball completely earlier. That’s something that I’ll look at and I’m sure you can write about. Special teams wasn’t really what I thought was going to be there either. Tough loss, but it’s Week 3. (We are) 1-2, we dropped our first division game and we will grow from this and learn from this and get ready for Chicago. With that I’ll take your questions.”

On what was wrong offensively: “I think the obvious, when you look at the run, you look at the protection and you look at the pass, you get in a one-dimensional game you’re playing uphill. Our inability to stay balanced was I thought the biggest obstacle that we encountered today.”

On something being off with RB Eddie Lacy: “I thought the fumble- I haven’t seen the video, I saw pictures and stills. I mean, there’s no excuse for that. That’s two weeks in a row we have a fumble on the first play and then we fumble the second play. It’s unacceptable. On top of it, it turns into seven points and we gave up nine points on offense.”

On attacking the Lions secondary: “I don’t think football is really that simple. I think you play to what you think your strengths are. The way we play on offense we take advantage of the defense. This game offensively was more about us not taking advantage of the defensive looks that they gave us.”

On QB Aaron Rodgers not being as sharp as he normally is: “Being on the other side I didn’t see the replay, but I felt that the call and the adjustment he made was definitely on and I think Jordy (Nelson) ran a good route. But I couldn’t tell you about his footwork, protection in the pocket or any of that.”

On what to do when Rodgers isn’t playing at the top of his game: “I mean, we have a lot of good players on offense. Obviously, our system of offense is built around making the quarterback successful. We’re not changing the way we approach the game of football and definitely not changing anything when it comes to Aaron Rodgers’ responsibility. So, I mean, I don’t have a grade for you today.”

On being confident in calling the entire playbook: “We’re confident calling the entire playbook. Once again, you call plays that are designed to give you the ability to play downhill based on the defensive call and that’s really what it’s about.”

On feeling as though they should have been able to run the ball better: “Absolutely, absolutely.”

On calling a run play again on their own one-yard line: “Absolutely, yeah.”

On how much the safety hurt: “Total momentum swing to back to Detroit. That’s a huge play for them. Big interception by Davon (House), obviously long time out just the way it came down. It definitely was a big play in the game.”

On the interception by CB Davon House being ruled differently: “I don’t have a replay, but based on what I saw live with the momentum and based on where he caught it, you don’t usually see those overturned like that. But I didn’t have a look at it.”

On mixing in more huddling into the no-huddle offense the team is running: “You’re talking about mechanics, whether you call plays, roll in every personnel or staying with a personnel, so that’s really not an issue. I liked the way the mechanics of how we game plan get the play in and this is more about execution and taking advantage of opportunities.”

On being surprised about the slow start to the season: “Yeah, no doubt. I thought our play style was high as it’s been. I was going off past training camp experiences, but you can’t really use. You have different opponents every year, you play two road games, so it’s a lot of different variables. I know the type of training camp we had the play style and quality of play was about as high as it’s ever been. We’re talking about really a different season in the preseason. These are the road games, the division games, the toughest games. Division games on the road are the toughest. New staff, new wrinkles and things like that, but we have no excuses, certainly me. This was not a good day for us.”

On if anything stood out on LB DeAndre Levy when game planning for the Lions: “I think Levy is clearly maybe their best or one of their best defensive players. I mean, we have a lot of respect for him and he’s been playing very well for a number of years. He’s starting to get the credit and the recognition that he deserves. He’s a hell of a football player.”

On football today being different than the past: “Yeah absolutely, football is different today than it was in 1993. Just look at the way it’s played, yeah definitely, it’s a different game. Back then you had a 265-pound middle linebacker that doesn’t exist anymore.”

On the way the defense has been playing: “Yeah, it’s definitely a group that got better. I mean, we had a slow start. It’s like you said, you kind of answered your own question. I thought that there was a lot of productivity, but at the end of the day we all get paid to play four quarters. They basically kept us going the first two and a half, three quarters.”



On the team’s offensive struggles: “Well, they have a good defense, you have to give them credit. Offensively, we didn’t make enough good adjustments to score more points. I had Jordy (Nelson) there for a touchdown on the last drive, but I just threw it behind him. So, that would have been double-digits there, but as well as our defense played today, we scored seven and we gave up nine with our offense, so they didn’t even need to score. Our defense did a good job and they held them to 10 points on defense. We should win that game.”

On how frustrating this game was: “Yeah, you score seven points, it’s frustrating. You’ve got to give that defense credit, they had their fourth nickel in there. They played a lot of two high and we were just never able to properly adjust.”

On if he feels something is missing on the offense: “Well, there’s a lot missing. There’s execution missing, we haven’t been able run the ball very well any of the three games and we just haven’t executed as well as we have in the past in the passing game.”

On if he had thought the team would be able to turn the game around at some point: “Yeah, I mean we had some negative yards plays, we had a safety, we had a fumble, we had sacks, so it’s hard to keep things going when you have negative yardage plays like that.”

On how he has performed in the first three games: “We haven’t been as sharp offensively. I haven’t been as sharp. It may be the standard I’ve set, but we’ve all got to do better. We’ve got to adjust better, we’ve got to throw better, we’ve got to catch it better and we’ve got to score points.”

On the team’s defense today: “Our defense was great. They were great. They gave us the ball back, kept us in the game, but we just didn’t execute on offense.”



On the 4th-and-5 play at the end of the game: “We got what we wanted. We had an opportunity to make a play and just weren’t able to connect on the throw. It’s not an easy game. Sometimes we make it look easier than what it is, but today was not easy at all. We had our opportunities and didn’t make enough plays.”

On scoring only seven points: “It’s just not being productive at all, at any point in the game. I think it’s more frustrating because our defense played extremely well. For whatever reason, we cannot get on the same page. Either we play well and they don’t, they play well and we don’t, we just can’t play a good game all over the place. So, we have to get to that point and improve. Our defense did a heck of a job and I feel bad for them because they battled. We gave up more points than what we scored as an offense, which is not good.”

On if it’s frustrating not being on the same page with QB Aaron Rodgers: “I don’t know if it’s frustrating, but it’s just a little surprising. But again like I said, the game is not easy. There are tight windows, there’s tough throws and there’s a lot that goes on. Sometimes we’ve made it look easier than what it really is and right now we’re just not clicking across the board. We had an opportunity and didn’t make a good play. We’ll move forward, get better and have that opportunity again next week.”



On his fumble: “It wasn’t good ball security on my behalf. I don’t know if it was knocked out or if I just had the ball too low and ran into the back of my lineman, but definitely a turnover is something that we don’t need.”

On the safety: “They definitely got great penetration. That’s pretty much what it is.”

On what the team has to do to get the running game going: “I don’t know, we just have to change our mindset. We had a few opportunities that, as backs, we didn’t take advantage of, whether we made the wrong read or tried to press too much. It’s a long season and we’re going to get it where we need it to be.”

On how tough it is only scoring seven points: “It’s tough because as an offense, we know we’re capable of putting up more points. It just didn’t happen today.”



On what the difference was in the team this week compared to last week: “In the Jets week, we were really high-tempo in practice and we were pushing the ball. We kind of, I guess, slacked off a little bit this week and it shows.”

On how big of a factor the Lions defense was: “I think their defense did pretty good. Certainly, there were things we wanted to take advantage of, but we just never got them done.”

On what the offense is going to do to get back on track: “It starts Monday, it starts tomorrow. I definitely say practice. We’ve really got to get on the same page. We can’t afford to start slow, especially in division games. You’re not going to win like that.”

On if the team felt like things were starting to turn around in the second half: “It was different points in the game where we did have a little momentum. Any offense with good momentum is going to be able to score, but then we just weren’t finishing the drives. That’s a key thing we have to work on is really finishing drives. Not accepting punts or field goals. We need six points.”



On assessing his performance: “It was good. I felt like I could have done more. There are still some things I need to work on. We’ll see what happens when I watch film.

On how he feels: “I feel good but I’ll be sore tomorrow for sure. We’ll see how the week pans out.”

On if getting some turnovers gives the team some satisfaction after a loss: “That part yes, that we got three turnovers, but I’d rather get no turnovers and win the game.”

On if Detroit’s secondary receivers were able to make plays after the defense limited WR Calvin Johnson: “I don’t know. We’ll see when we watch film. I’ll tell you that the defense did a great job. Detroit’s a high-scoring offense. Like you said, we held Calvin to 80-something yards. We’ll see what happens when we watch film.”



On winning the turnover battle, but still losing the game: “I think statistics will show that any time you’re able to come up with three turnovers, and we’ve been shown the numbers before, usually the game is tilted in your favor. Unfortunately, it didn’t. We put ourselves in a deep hole and this time we weren’t at home to overcome that, obviously with the safety and the turnover on their part. There was some misfortune there with our interception on the one or the half yard line, whatever it may be, but ultimately we had it out there for us and we had every opportunity to come up with the win. We just didn’t, so it’s frustrating. Not the way we wanted to start this divisional play, but the reality is, we just have to get back to it and get ready to beat a good Chicago team.”

On the difference in the time of possession: “I think we didn’t make the plays when we needed to. I think early in the game we did a pretty good job, but you look at that last series in which they had three third downs and we had them in perfect position to get the ball back. I think in the first half we had a pretty good game, letting up just I think just a few big plays, but we were in the position we needed to be in. We just came up short.”

On not being able to finish the game as they had hoped: “Well, I think it’s our job. It doesn’t matter what it entails. The Jets game we were on the field for quite some time with the no-huddle offense in which they were throwing at us, same with Seattle. We’ve got to rise up to the occasion and we did for most of the game, but we have to finish better.”



On how the defense is improving: “We’re improving but still have to get a little bit better. We still have to tackle a little better, still have to play a little faster, play a little harder and a little bit more physical. We’ll get there.”

On how much this loss hurts: “It hurts a lot. It’s still early in the season and we’re going to have time to get back in the standings, it’s only Week 3. But you know, you want to win all of them, so it hurts. We’re going to forget about it, come back tomorrow and get ready for Chicago.”

On if he felt tired after being on the field for 38 minutes: “Not really. We’re still out there playing hard.”

On if it was frustrating that they didn’t get more sacks: “No.”

On if they were satisfied with getting more pressure on QB Matthew Stafford: “No, we would have been satisfied with a win.”

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