Packers are dominating the line of scrimmage

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 2, 2014 – 8:54 pm


Joe from Saint Paul, MN
I love that play-action pass to Nelson for the touchdown. Watching that play develop is a thing of beauty.

The poor defensive back had no chance. I think it was Harrison Smith. Nelson had the whole secondary and Smith to himself, and Nelson put a double move on Smith and it was curtains. Something was drastically wrong with that coverage scheme.

Reiss from Virginia Beach, VA
Vic, in your time as a reporter, have you noticed if inclement weather favors the run game?

Wind favors the running game. Rain favors big-hand quarterbacks.

James from Rochester, NY
Vic, the Vikings offensive tackles are lining up almost behind the line of scrimmage. How is this allowed?

Does it matter? The Vikings tackles are getting clobbered. What has happened to Matt Kalil?

Nick from State College, PA
Is it just me or does the offensive line look impressive with the holes they’re opening?

Eddie Lacy ran through holes the size of which he hasn’t seen since he was at Alabama playing in an out-of-conference game against a directional school. The Packers’ two lines are dominating this game.

Matt from Kaukauna, WI
Vic, what are fans going to complain about this week? It doesn’t look like the running game will be it.

Why did McCarthy take his foot off the gas in the second half?

John from Green Bay, WI
Vic, did Eddie Lacy catch a break by not being penalized for lowering his helmet on the defender on his 29-yard run in the first quarter?

I said to Mike Spofford, “If you’re not going to call that, then why have that rule in the rulebook?”

Eric from Mount Pleasant, SC
I thought after the Bears game and the shutdown of Marshall-Jeffery, playing soft on Forte and Bennett was a smart plan, assuming it was a plan. So, the Vikings plan would put the least priority on the deeper passes, and maybe suffer a couple of 40-plus deep passes, but shut them down otherwise. Based on what you’re seeing tonight, what do you think about my idea vs. what they’re trying to do?

I’m not smart enough to understand that kind of stuff. What I’m seeing tonight is a veteran team hitting its stride against a team trying to establish its future without its quarterback of the future playing in the game.

Kevin from Plainview, TX
Despite the weather, the field appears to be holding up well, which I feel is good for the Packers. What does it look like to you?

The field is of golf-course quality. We didn’t get the downpour that was predicted. The rain is very light right now.

Alex from Fort Wayne, IN
Was Eddie Lacy injured? If not, why take out the runner with the hot hand?

Because everyone complained James Starks didn’t get any carries in Chicago?

Andrew from Alexandria, VA
What is it going to take to never see that stupid toss play again? Time and time again it loses yards. Why, with two big backs, especially on third-and-1, do you toss it 6 yards into the backfield? Please, explain the thought process. I really don’t understand it. It’s been bad for years.


Trevor from Chico, CA
Can you please tell 12 he doesn’t need to throw a TD on every play? Take the underneath game, run it, move the ball and then hit the big play when they are not looking for it.

Twelve, you don’t need to throw a TD on every play. Take the underneath game, run it, move the ball and then hit the big play when they are not looking for it.

Ben from Tukwila, WA
Great game so far, Vic. What are your thoughts on why Mike McCarthy all of a sudden accepts the ball instead of deferring like he usually does?

He’s playing mind games with the fans? I have a feeling he could’ve kicked to the clock and it would’ve turned out OK.

Troy from Jefferson, WI
Does it bug you how Tramon and Burnett have been playing conservative tackles the whole game?


Dylan from Forty Fort, PA
Vic, what has impressed you the most so far?

It’s a tie between the play of the Packers’ two lines and the score. How does Thursday Night Football keep getting these blowouts?

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