Defense deserving of respect and pat on the back

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 12, 2014 – 1:33 pm


Jon from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Vic, we denied Miami a single point after starting at our 16-yard line following a blocked punt. Should we carry Dom Capers out of the stadium on our shoulders?

Yeah, but hurry up before the Dolphins score.


Steven from Racine, WI
The passing game is working. Why stop now? Just terrible.

Awful! Pathetic! How dare they try to run the ball?


Jeff from Sun Prairie, WI
It sounds like there are a lot of Packers fans in Miami. What does it look like out there?

There are a lot of Packers fans here, but it’s not a takeover. I thought it would be a takeover.


Matt from New York, NY
I guess I have one question and one comment. Nick Perry’s bull rush looks pretty darn good. My question to you is have you noticed the absence of Datone Jones in the Packers play so far?

Yes, I have, and that’s because he’s inactive with an ankle injury.


Ben from Chicago, IL
Vic, do the Packers have handheld awnings? Just looking for something to worry about.

Yes, they are using handheld awnings. They did their homework. They’re prepared.


Rick from Appleton, WI
Do you see a team that is finding its identity with a developing run defense?

I see a defense that’s on the rise and deserving of respect and a pat on the back.


Anne from Auburndale, WI
It’s currently showing 53 degrees for the temp up here. From your vantage point, how are the players holding up to the heat/humidity there?

So far, so good, but the third quarter is the acid test. That’s when they come back out of the air-conditioning and realize they have to do it all over again.


Joe from Mankato, MN
Looks like Wake appears to be winning the matchup vs. Bulaga.

Cameron Wake is a fantastic pass rusher and run defender, which is why he’s coming from the defense’s left side. Bulaga won’t face a better player from that side this year.


Jerry from Wilmington, NC
Vic, how important will time of possession be for the rest of the game?

 It’s not an issue now because Ryan Tannehill is playing poorly. He’s a hot and cold quarterback and today he’s cold. He threw behind Brian Hartline in the end zone and the pass Casey Hayward intercepted was a terrible decision by Tannehill. The second interception was even worse. It was into double coverage. The deep ball is supposed to go to Mike Wallace, not Hartline.


Cheryl from Marathon, WI
Vic, you always hear that getting the running game going opens up the passing game. Can’t it be said that the reverse is also true?

If you pass to run, you don’t sell play action.


Rob from Washington, DC
How important do you think the favorable time of possession will be for the Packers defense in the second half?

It can be huge in the fourth quarter. This team does what it needs to do. That’s the sign of a very good team.


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