Greatest first quarter in the history of the world

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 19, 2014 – 1:19 pm


Lars from Aalborg, Denmark
What a key stop on third-and-1. How’s that for defense stepping up?

The big key in this game is going to be getting out of it without an injury.

Nate from St. Francis, WI
Look out?

I called it.

Danny from Sun Prairie, WI
Is it possible to get hot too early in the season?

We always need something to worry about, right?

Luke from Kenosha, WI
Vic, we just scored our third touchdown. Are we playing that good on both sides of the ball, or are the Panthers playing that bad?

The Packers are playing at the highest level at which I’ve seen them play in the four years I’ve covered them. In the pregame radio show, I was asked which is the best team in the NFC? I said it was the Packers and if the Packers played the Seahawks at Lambeau Field today, the Packers would win.

Justin from St. Louis, MO
Looks like Dom Capers is showing up.

It also looks like Packers fans owe Coach Capers an apology.

Rick from Appleton, WI
Vic, have you seen a more complete first quarter from the Packers since you’ve been covering the team?

Considering it could easily have been 28-0 after the first quarter, and that Carolina’s only first down was the result of a penalty, it may be the most dominant first quarter of football I’ve ever witnessed.

Randy from Appleton, WI
Is this the best start of the season?

This is the best start since Rosie Ruiz “won” the Boston Marathon.

Alison from Aurora, IL
Vic, I’m a 29-year-old mom of three young boys. Every Sunday, my husband gives me three hours to meet my grandpa at the local Packers bar. We each have one beer per quarter and order steak nachos at the beginning of the third. During the Miami game, my grandpa was dying for the deep ball to Jordy and I told him, “Not this week, next week.” I was running late to meet him today, and when I walked in and saw his grin, I knew what had happened.

Your grandpa drank another beer?

Adam from San Jose, CA
So what have the Packers not done well today?

They lost the coin toss.

Scott from Appleton, WI
Vic, our tackling is excellent. What do you think the Packers have been doing to improve their tackling?

I think Coach Capers is using better schemes.

Alex from Paoli, IN
Finally! Total domination of an opponent. This is what I expect every week. Is this really so hard? Geez!

You’re right. Anything less than this is unacceptable. We must have FULL CONSISTENCY.

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