Packers nearly invincible at home

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on November 16, 2014 – 4:32 pm


Phil from Hillsboro, WI

So is it time to start trusting our defense?

I don’t think Packers fans will ever trust their defense. It’s just not in their DNA.

Matt from Marquette, MI

There’s your punt return.

I’ve felt it coming for weeks.

Evan from Baltimore, MD

Our offensive line looks incredible. Even Corey Linsley is blocking Connor Barwin one-on-one. This is what allows Aaron to convert third-and-18.

It’s the best Packers offensive line in the four years I’ve covered the team.

Jeffrey from Alliance, OH

Is Clay Matthews playing a new position?

Welcome back. Did they treat you well?

Lorenz from Cape Town, South Africa

I just want everybody to give Dom Capers a slow clap for that Matthews sack in the red zone. That was as schemed as a sack can get.

The Eagles ran that play too many times. Matthews read the formation and acted instinctively. That’s my opinion.

Mike from Des Moines, IA

On behalf of the fans, I’d like to apologize to Coach Capers.

Is that a permanent apology or just for this week?

Rick from Appleton, WI

Vic, I see a team realizing its identity in a big-game situation.

I see a team that’s nearly invincible at home.

Dylan from Forty Fort, PA

Vic, what has surprised/impressed you most so far?

The ease with which the Packers are moving the ball. They’re making it look easy.

Mark from Denver, CO

Look out!

Yeah, look out, another blowout.

Eric from Keene, NH

This is unbelievable. At this moment, I am finding it difficult not to say things that will anger the football gods.

Our greatness is great.

Ben from La Crosse, WI

Vic, with the Packers firing on all cylinders with offense, defense and special teams, do you think there is any team right now that can beat the Packers?

He didn’t mean it, gods.

Jason from Petersburg, VA

Vic, this is awesome. I hate to be that guy that finds the negative in everything, but do you think the Packers peaking too early might be a concern?

What if this isn’t the peak?


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