With or without blunt instruments?

Posted by Vic Ketchman, packers.com editor on December 8, 2014 – 8:32 pm

Ask Vic Halftime

Todd from Knoxville, TN

Chippy game; I like it. I might even stay up late to watch the whole thing. Note to Aaron Rodgers: You are kind of important, slide.

Or don’t run.

Jon from San Diego, CA

Forget Mathews at inside. Let him rush from outside. Barrington is looking great.

I might agree with you.

Christopher from Hastings, New Zealand

Are you ready to go to bed, yet, Vic? That first drive seemed too easy and, if it continues, the Falcons are in for a long night.

The Falcons defense is ranked last in the league overall and in pass defense. It’s difficult to imagine the Falcons stopping the Packers, but this is the most unpredictable season I have ever covered.

Jon from Bloomfield, NJ

Falcons start two-high? Have some Eddie Lacy. Is he the second most important player on this team?

You beat cover two by running at it. The Packers couldn’t do that in 2012 because they didn’t have the running game to take advantage of cover two. Then they drafted Eddie Lacy and everything changed. He is awfully important. He’s the guy that returned the big play to the Packers offense.

Jeff from Irvine, CA

J.J. Watt or Aaron Rodgers? Watt is playing incredible right now, but to me it’s simple: If you switched the two players, the Packers would get worse and the Texans would get better. Thus Rodgers is MVP. Thoughts?

That’s a logical approach. The Texans are 7-6 with Watt; the Packers couldn’t win a game in November of last season without Rodgers. The quarterback is so important in today’s game the MVP award has become almost sole property of the position.

Jason from Fairfax, VA

Vic, how do you think Green Bay matches up against Seattle?

With or without blunt instruments? What I saw yesterday was scary.

Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

Do you think it’s possible to find the right balance of free agency and the draft to make a team built to win now and develop to win later consistently?

Build through the draft and patch your mistakes in free agency, but you better keep those mistakes to a minimum.

Dan from Waupun, WI

We saw Suh take a cheap shot on Sunday. At the end of the first quarter we saw the Falcons try the same cheapness. Why doesn’t McCarthy bring up a no-namer off the practice squad this time of year, to keep the other team honest? They have enforcers in hockey, and I’m darn sure it would work in the NFL. All you need to do is ask the jerk if he wants knee surgery. With the money QBs are getting, you need insurance.

You’re not winsome. I like that about you.

Reiss from Virginia Beach, VA

Vic, is A.J. Hawk injured, or is this just a situational defensive scheme?

All indications are Sam Barrington has taken the job.

Dean from Bluewell, WV

Vic, are we seeing more Starks tonight as a result of scheme, or is it simply trying to extend Lacy’s career?

Lacy suffers from asthma; it’s a cold night. Maybe they’re trying to keep him fresh.

Scott from Vallendar, Germany

“This is like backyard football where you have to wait five seconds to rush the passer.” – Jon Gruden.

I love Gruden. I loved interviewing him. He’s given Monday Night Football a personality it hasn’t had since Howard Cosell invented the show.

Sean from Medway, UK

Shall I start planning my Packers Super Bowl party?

That’s chortling and if anything bad happens in this game, I’m going to blame you.

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