Wisconsin Favorites: Winter sports

Posted by on December 10, 2014 – 10:30 am


141104-Week-13-Christie-Mountain-Winter-FestWould you rather go outhouse racing, water snowboarding, or kite skiing? (Yes, all of these are real in Wisconsin in winter.)

No. 31 Davon House – Outhouse racing. The other ones seem too cold.

No. 27 Eddie Lacy – I’ll pick water snowboarding because that sounds fun.

No. 90 B.J. Raji – Probably water snowboarding.

No. 38 Tramon Williams – I would like to try them all actually. Water snowboarding and kite skiing sound really fun.

No. 21 Ha Ha Clinton141104-Week-13-Kite-Skiing-Dix – Water snowboarding.

From wacky to zany, when it comes to crazy winter-themed sports, Wisconsin is the place to be. For the die-hard winter season and snow enthusiasts, our thirst for fun and adventure cannot always be quenched with traditional skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. We demand creative, unique and sometimes downright weird entertainment. From turkey bowling and bar stool races, to human foosball and water snowboarding, make sure you check out the fun winter sports you may never have heard of until now and the events where you can experience them for yourself.


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