Bills pass defense sticking with their man

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on December 14, 2014 – 1:18 pm

Ask Vic Halftime

Cody from Normal, IL

Vic, we can’t let this be a game of defense. If we play that game, we will lose.

Sometimes you have to win that kind of game.

Andy from Clive, IA

Just run, baby. I see no reason to stop.

There are big splits in the Bills’ four-man front, and they’re mostly playing pass behind it. This is the Week 3 Lions game up front, but with more press coverage from the secondary.

David from College Station, TX

Vic, I am not able to watch the Packers game because of where I live, so what are the Bills doing to stop Aaron Rodgers?

Their pass-defense is playing press and sticking with their man.

Andrew from North Liberty, IA

Vic, at this point, our running backs are averaging 5.5 yards per carry. Why are we trying to throw all over the field?

Give them time to figure out what they can and can’t do. It’s early. Be patient.

Eric from Denver, CO

I’m seeing a lot of green and gold on TV. What percentage of Packers fans make up today’s crowd? Also, that train horn is terrible.

Ten percent? It’s good, but this is an overwhelming Bills crowd.

George from Scranton, PA

I’m paying attention to field position. That doesn’t happen often in Packers games. Are you enjoying this?

Very much.

Mark from Kingsford, MI

Why is Rodgers so far off on his passes?

There are a lot of bodies in that secondary. He threw behind Jordy Nelson on a crossing route because there was a defender closing from the front. The Bills have an impressive-looking secondary.

Michael from Fort Lewis, WA

Vic, I’m loving this game. It has a rivalry feeling to it.

The sky is a deeper shade of gray than my hair. This game is pure December.

Tyler from Plymouth, WI

Vic, my brother Kevin passed away yesterday at the age of 31. I just wanted to let you and the organization know how much he loved the Packers. He never missed a game and I’m happy to say I saw my first Packers game ever with him when they played the Panthers.

I’m sure he’s watching today’s game. On behalf of the entire “Ask Vic” community, you have our sympathies, Tyler.

Kent from Eagle Grove, IA

Do you have a headache from the air horn, yet?

I can barely hear it in the press box. I love the press box.

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