Aaron Rodgers appears to be limited

Posted by Vic Ketchman, packers.com editor on January 11, 2015 – 1:14 pm

Ask Vic Halftime

Tom from Ludlow, England

Sounds like a good home crowd. What is the fan ratio like? Was there a tundra takeover?

I see a lot of white Cowboys jerseys. I mean, a lot.

Jeff from Colorado Springs, CO

Vic’s predictions: start on defense, check; three and out, check; good field position, check; march down the field for a touchdown, check. How do you do it?

I get these headaches.

Adam from Verona, WI

Possessions are at a premium today. Make them count!

I completely agree.

Ty from Whitefish, MT

I have a feeling we have all been deceived. I think we will see Rodgers running around with ease. It’s all a smokescreen.

It’s no smokescreen. He threw the touchdown pass in the first quarter off one leg. He’s clearly favoring his left leg. I’m worried that he won’t make it through this game. This is a courageous effort by Aaron Rodgers.

Seth from Des Moines, IA

The injury is obviously limiting his mobility but to me the lack of practice is more apparent.

It appears to me Rodgers can’t put weight on his left foot, so he’s throwing with all arm and it’s compromising his accuracy.

Paulina from Los Angeles, CA

This game is the truest test of my ability to R-E-L-A-X this season so far.

We are all at the test today, Paulina.

David from Valdosta, GA

Please tell me they see that when Romo leaves his mouthpiece in his facemask they are running the ball.

Can you trust that?

Mark from Indianapolis, IN

Vic, what do we have to adjust now that it is clear Rodgers can’t move? Mobility and improvisation is a big part of his game, isn’t it?

Run the ball? It worked on the opening drive. I don’t have the answer, but I acknowledge that Rodgers appears to be limited and it’s a problem.

Bert from Albany, NY

Do you think Rodgers will take more chances with his bad calf in the second half, if needed?

He’s “The Man.” This is his team and his game. Enjoy and appreciate the grit with which he is playing today. It’s time for his teammates to take their game to its highest level.

Marcia from Taunton, MA

What is going on with the Packers defense? It doesn’t seem like their heads are in the game.

They lost coverage in the Cowboys’ second touchdown drive.

Mark from Denver, CO

Can you explain not playing Lacy during the second drive? It felt like he was being saved for later in the game.

That would be my guess. The game plan is probably loaded with runs, and let’s not forget that Lacy is an asthma sufferer.

Dale from Raytown, MO

Here we go again, Vic; just like every other year. This is why we worry all year. In the playoffs, we always do something that we never did in the regular season or allow the other team to do something they’ve never done. They practiced fundamentals for two days and I wonder if tackling was involved?

You need a pep talk. I’m not a pep talk kind of guy.

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