Wisconsin Favorites: Packers fans

Posted by on January 13, 2015 – 11:03 am


141104-Week-20-Green-Bay-Packer-Fans-TailgatingWhy are Green Bay Packers fans the best in the league?

No. 10 Matt Flynn – They’re the most loyal.

No. 90 B.J. Raji – Everything that the Packers organization does matters to them.

No. 61 Brett Goode – Because they’re all owners, pretty much.

No. 87 Jordy Nelson – They come to games in -40 degree temperatures.

Here in Wisconsin, we love our sports! Whether you’re in the game or in the stands, the call of the ump and the cry of the ref are beckoning you to come on out and root for the home team. Every Wisconsinite knows that the gameday experience starts as soon as you park your car, pull out the grill, open the cooler, throw on the brats and bask in the glory of the traditional tailgate. The camaraderie, the energy and enthusiasm, and the fun-filled atmosphere that takes place hours before game time is what makes sports in Wisconsin so great.


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