News now! Aaron Rodgers says he’s ‘about the same’

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on January 14, 2015 – 4:44 pm

150114-rodgers-seahawks-presser-300GREEN BAY—Aaron Rodgers characterized the status of his leg injury as being “about the same as last week.” Rodgers offered that assessment during a press conference at Lambeau Field on Wednesday, and added that he feels “pretty similar” to how he felt a week ago.

Considering his performance in a come-from-behind, 26-21 win over the Cowboys on Sunday, no news might be good news.

“It’s just a matter of playing within your limits. I’ve been pretty smart about it. I haven’t caused a lot of extra damage,” Rodgers said when asked to give his thoughts on playing with a left calf injury that, at times, has effectively made him a one-legged quarterback. It was on one leg that he threw his first touchdown pass in the win over the Cowboys.

Rodgers was interviewed by a large contingent of reporters, many of them of national brand, and one of the prominent questions he was asked involved the failure to throw at Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in the Week 1 game between the two teams.

“I plan to throw it to the open guy. That’s the way I’ve played for a number of years. I’ll go through my progressions and play the way I’ve always played,” he said.

“It’s important to throw it to the right and to the left a little,” he added when pressed further on the subject.


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