Vikings GM thanks media for causing Bridgewater to fall

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on February 18, 2015 – 2:15 pm

150218-spielman-blogINDIANAPOLIS–Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman thanked the media for causing quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to fall to the Vikings late in the first round of last year’s draft.

“I’m thankful the media did him a disservice, in my opinion, by judging him on his pro day. But we spent six different occasions with Teddy last year. One thing we try to do, our process, is that we had our draft meetings before we came down and we put all the players on a board and graded him purely off what we saw off tape or what we saw live as football players. All this other stuff that will accumulate here and over the next couple months will start to add into it, but it’s not going to be a situation where a guy having a sixth-round (grade) goes all the way up to the first round because he comes out here and runs fast in his shorts,” Spielman said.

Bridgewater’s pro-day workout a year ago was widely pulicized to be disappointing effort, and it caused a player that had been considered a possible first overall pick to fall to the bottom of the first round.

“You’ve just got to be careful. It’s part of the process. All the information to gather that you use to make your decisions, but it has to come back to what he is, not only his character but what he is as football player,” Spielman said.

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