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Posted by Aaron Popkey on April 16, 2015 – 10:29 am

barn-blogA rustic, converted barn served as the party site for Wednesday night’s gathering as more than 600 fans enjoyed getting up close and personal with the members of the Tailgate Tour.

The Barn, with sections that date back nearly 100 years, was not a typical site for a tailgate party, but it provided a different feel for the tour members.

“I liked it,” said Mark Murphy. “It was a more intimate venue. We’re usually in a larger place. It felt like you could get to know the fans a little better.”

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The party benefitted St. Feriole Island Park Inc., an organization that oversees a playing field complex that serves youth baseball, softball and other outdoor recreational activities. The next project for the organization is to construct facilities that will allow for evening use to further serve the community and its commitment to the psychological and physical wellbeing of its citizens.

Gilbert Brown received a big hand from the crowd, which is becoming a usual occurrence, be it at a school or at a party. He revved them up even more with a request for a “Go Pack Go!” cheer. When it wasn’t as loud as he would have liked, he accused the gathering of being Minnesota Vikings fans.

During the question-and-answer session, Brown received a request for a hug, which he gladly fulfilled. It was a very enthusiastic embrace, one which the other tour members enjoyed witnessing.

“Gilbert,” said Murphy, “I had no idea you had that effect on women!”

“That was something,” Brown said with a smile. “I swear she had three hands.”

With Iowa right across the river, many Hawkeye fans were in attendance and showed their appreciation for Micah Hyde. He gladly accepted their cheers.

“That was fun,” Hyde recalled. “I forgot how close we were to Iowa. They’ve got great fans and continue to follow us in the NFL because they have no pro team.”

Bill Schroeder, a grad from nearby UW-La Crosse, also received a big hand.

The event also featured a check presentation from Packers corporate partner Associated Bank to support the effort.

Day 3 sees the tour making its way to Baraboo.

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