News now! Mike McCarthy pronounces targets hit

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on June 18, 2015 – 12:33 pm

150618-blogGREEN BAY–Minicamp ended on Thursday and Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said his team hit its spring targets.

“Any time you put together a schedule, you set targets. I’d say we exceeded our work load, getting everything installed and being able to go back and review it. The second target is bringing your team together and learning how to work. There were a lot of new drills. Getting that on tape, repping it, teaching it, I feel very good about that. I feel very good about what we accomplished and the 2015 Packers,” McCarthy said following Thursday’s practice, which was dominated by the defense.

“Defense had a big day today,” McCarthy said.

Aaron Rodgers and selected veterans were given the day off. In Rodgers’ absence, the passing game was not its usual self.

“I think (Adrian) Hubbard’s had a heckuva spring. I think our second-year players made a step,” McCarthy said in a mini-evaluation.

The Packers won’t practice again until July 30, the first day of training camp.

“You’ll have players here. The rookies have to go to the symposium. For the most part, you’ll see everybody will get away and then after the Fourth of July you’ll see people start filtering in,” McCarthy said as he bid farewell to the spring.

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