News now! Lacy, Peppers highlight tackling drill

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on August 11, 2015 – 12:44 pm

blog-header-imageGREEN BAY — If you like tackling drills, you would’ve loved this one.

Eddie Lacy and Julius Peppers squared off in a feature attraction at training camp on Tuesday. It wasn’t live to the ground — a large landing pad broke their fall — but the smack of pads was resonant as the two players collided at nearly full speed.

Lacy got under Peppers, but Peppers largely did to Lacy what Lacy does to most linebackers that try to tackle him. The collision between the two players caught the attention of linebackers coach Winston Moss, who immediately cautioned the two players against dropping their heads.

With that, practice turned to more sophisticated pursuits. Aaron Rodgers threw six consecutive completions, four of them to Randall Cobb, who made a diving, one-handed grab of the final catch in the corner of the end zone. will provide a full report of practice following locker room interviews.


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