Packers’ opening drive had ready look to it

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on August 23, 2015 – 1:23 pm

150813-ask-vic-halfLeon from McFarland, WI

The turf looks especially soft at Heinz Field. Couple of injuries and several near misses. Any info on why? Also, how’s Jordy?

I was on the field before the game. The turf is dry and tight. Jordy Nelson walked off the field following the touchdown drive. He did not appear to be limping. I know nothing more than that and it’s unlikely information on his injury will be provided, as teams are not required to provide injury information during the preseason.

Trevor from northern California

The Pittsburgh announcers are doing a great job. They are unbiased and you can tell they have done their homework on the opponent.

Preseason TV is often difficult for fans that live outside the reach of the Packers’ TV network. I’m glad it’s working for you today.

Hermes from Richmond, CA

Vic, I like the way the starters are playing right now, but if the preseason is about evaluation, shouldn’t more of the Packers’ second and third-string players play against the Steelers’ starting eleven?

That’s one way to look at it, or you could look at it my way: This is an excellent opportunity to get ready for the opener in Chicago. You don’t get a lot of noon kickoffs in the preseason. This is a chance to play under conditions similar to what the Packers will face on opening day. I’d like to pronounce the Packers ready to go following this game. I think I’m close to doing that with the offense.

John from Brazil

I thought we were supposed to have a great offensive line. How can that be when half of the Steelers defense is piling on Rodgers in the end zone for a safety? How does something like that get fixed?

Win your one-on-ones.

Emmet from Naperville, IL

I think the Packers are going to keep two fullbacks on the roster. Ripkowski is looking like a special teams stud. Do you agree?

He’s made two tackles in the first half. That bodes well for him. You could also view John Kuhn as a running back.

Patrick from Chicago, IL

Didn’t the refs make a mistake on spotting that punt on the one?

I didn’t think the Steelers defender controlled the ball long enough for it to be blown dead at the one. My guess is the official blew his whistle, and once he did that, the play was over. I don’t know that for a fact; I’m just guessing.

Tim from Ottawa, IL

I didn’t like the play calling on that sack series. Open it up and pass, baby.

Come on, we’re above that kind of thinking for a preseason game.

Jeff from Buzzards Bay, MA

Vic, I like the tackling from the secondary so far. What has stood out to you in the first half?

The first drive of the game: 80 yards, 10 plays. The offense was razor sharp. When David Bakhtiari returns, I think the offense will be ready to go.

Mike from Windber, PA

I know Ty Montgomery hasn’t had many opportunities in the preseason, but he looks like a very patient runner. Would you say that is fairly accurate from what you’ve seen of him in camp?

He was patient on a kickoff return in the first half. I prefer impatience in the kickoff-return game.

Mike from Cibolo, TX

Vic, whose performance do you think had more influence on Rodgers being pulled so early, Rodgers or Barclay?

Since Scott Tolzien replaced Rodgers for the start of the second quarter, I’m inclined to believe that was the plan. If it wasn’t the plan, then it was probably altered by James Harrison. He might still be angry about that participation trophy thing.

Monica from Lewiston, ME

Why do the Packers believe Don Barclay is the answer to left tackle? His ability would suggest otherwise.

That’s an unnecessarily cruel thing to say. He’s coming off a season lost to an ACL. They’re testing him, that’s all. If it was a regular-season game, they might move Bryan Bulaga to left tackle and play Barclay at right tackle. Please, remind yourself at all times this is a preseason game.

Michael from Box Elder, SD

Vic, how hot is it there? Looks like the players seem somewhat affected by it.

It’s 80 degrees as I write these words. The sun is sharp. It’s not killer hot, but I think we’re going to see the obligatory cramps begin to surface. This is a good get-ready game for each team.


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