What the Packers were saying after #PHIvsGB

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 30, 2015 – 12:04 am


(opening statement) “I’ll just say that was an eclectic football game for us this evening. As you look at the performance of the first half, particularly the first quarter, it definitely didn’t start the way you want to start a football game. Overall, the three phases didn’t help one another at all. But from that point on, I thought the opportunities (were) created, particularly for a number of our younger players. They benefited from their opportunity tonight. I’m looking forward to the evaluation. This third preseason game and then the fourth preseason game is always a rough week for everybody. There are going to be young men that leave our team come Tuesday. Tonight was about trying to create as many opportunities as we possibly could for those guys. We’re going to have a lot of very good information to evaluate tomorrow as a coaching staff. With that, I’ll take your questions.”

(on Randall Cobb’s injury) “Randall Cobb has a shoulder (injury). Obviously he didn’t return tonight.”

(on Micah Hyde’s injury) “Micah had a neck spasm.”

(on if he thinks Cobb’s injury is as serious as Jordy Nelson’s was last week) “No, I don’t think we’re in that area at all. I saw Randall in the locker room. He was part of the team prayer.”

(on Bryan Bulaga’s injury) “He had an ankle sprain, or maybe more of a bruise.”

(on if it’s getting harder to play veterans in the preseason) “We all have to be practical about this. Number one, the health of your players is at the forefront of everything that you do in your program. Every decision is weighed with an amount of risk. The second and third preseason games there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Part of the plan is to be a little more aggressive in the first game with more reps so you don’t feel the stress of it so much in the second and third games. These are tough contests each and every year because there are so many different variables and they are never exactly the same. Injuries, and why you play certain guys and you don’t play other guys, a lot of it has to do with who they are playing with and what’s around them, too, as far as not only the unit they are playing with, but also the competitions that are going on throughout your team. There’s just a lot of moving parts. But you have to play. You have to play football. I think it’s nonsense to think you can just go and not play your starters throughout preseason. It’s not practical. We all signed up for four preseason football games. That’s what it is.”

(on the defense’s performance) “Just to go back to my opening statement, I think we started poorly as a football team in the first quarter. We looked a little flat in our run defense. We had some communication errors in our coverage. We’ll evaluate that, get all the corrections and calls and adjustments that were made throughout the game and plot the video. This is a tough run for us with a Sunday, Saturday, Thursday schedule. This is the first time we’ve gone that way, so we knew we were going to be stressed at the back end of this preseason schedule. We’ve got to make sure we make do the best we can and get as much work done here in the next couple days before we play the Saints.”

(on Brett Hundley) “Number one, I just wanted to see him play quarterback. That’s the only thing I really told him. Just trust your preparation, the process, everything you’ve gone through to get ready for this game. Get out there and play football just like you always have. I thought he had excellent command of the huddle and the line of scrimmage. He made some adjustments, trusted his feet, his timing playing in the pocket and out of the pocket, which is what you’re looking for. Sometimes young guys take a bit longer to get that. He seemed pretty natural a number of times extending plays. Ball accuracy, decisions, there will be some he will learn from. I thought Brett did a lot of nice things. I thought Matt kept it going. I thought Matt Blanchard played very well. He made the one poor decision on the interception. I’m very proud of our young quarterbacks. They both showed they belonged tonight.”

(on Myles White and Jeff Janis) “Myles, that’s what you’re looking for in Myles. You talk about a young man that has just busted his butt the whole time he’s been here. It’s really exciting to see him have success and he made a number of big plays. Jeff did some things in the passing game offensively.”

(on the special teams) “Special teams was poor. I’m not going to sugarcoat that. We had bad field position time and time again. The holding in the return game, there was way too much of it. Each and every week you play with a different officiating crew, we’re educated on it. Everybody has tendencies. This crew called it tight tonight. It was evident in the first quarter. We did not play with the discipline needed and the fundamentals. Special teams did not have a good evening at all.”

(on Rajion Neal) “I think Rajion is another young guy. You talk about a young man that had an opportunity to be on our practice squad and he’s getting more and more opportunities each and every week throughout this preseason. He’s definitely made plays, particularly the last two weeks with those opportunities, both in the kickoff return and a big time play in the screen. He’s doing a lot of good things. ”

(on if there are more injuries for his team this preseason than in year’s past) “The numbers are average or below average.”

(on if he believes TJ Lang will play in the Bears game) “I would forecast that TJ would line up against the Bears.”


(on tonight’s game) “..going into a regular-season game we’ll be able to scheme a little more, even on offense, defense, all of the above because we’ll have less people. So we’ll know what we’ll be able to do with certain people that we actually have.”

(on seeing Micah Hyde go down with a neck injury) “That’s one of my best friends on the team. I’ll definitely be praying for him. He’s a big piece to our team, defense and special teams, he does a lot for our team. He’s probably the most versatile player on our team. So just to have somebody go down like that and just to hear it’s a neck thing…we hope it’s the best for him and we’ll pray for him and I’ll definitely check up on him tonight, call and go by and see him and everything.”


(on his touchdown play) “It was kind of the same play I scored on last year here and had my first Lambeau Leap. Just an inside fade and Matt (Blanchard) threw a great ball and it was right on, made the catch, so it was a well-executed play.”

(on getting a lot of reps tonight) “Pretty well. I was trying to be a little more physical run-blocking and I kind of cut down on missed assignments, things like that, so I thought it went pretty well.”

(on any loss of confidence getting down early in the game) “Not really. We were just trying to focus on moving the ball and making clean plays.”

(on the value of the preseason, especially for young wide receivers) “They’re really valuable…just to get guys out there to see what they can do and carry things over from practice to the game. I think that’s huge too and that’s what the coaches want to see and that’s what everyone else wants to see.”

(on the young receivers needing to step up after injuries to Cobb/Nelson) “Yeah, definitely. That’s it, we all know we’ve got to step up and everybody that’s a receiver has got to be ready to take reps. I think everyone is ready and we’ll see what happens.”


(on not letting wide receiver injuries affect him) “It’s tough, but it’s really only tough for like a split second because you still have a job to do. Personally, you have a job to do and as a team you have a job to do. And until we know exactly what’s going on, we don’t know anything so we just have to keep moving. Like I said, it’s for a split second and then you’ve got to keep moving.”

(on if the wide receivers took a step forward today) “I believe so. I think we caught the ball well. We all got open today. Myles had a really good game and Jeff had a really good game. Ed came in and played well, he got open. I don’t think he (Ed Williams) had any catches but he got open. I think all of us for the most part stepped up like we were asked to.”


(on where he goes from here heading into last preseason game) “I’ve got to get better. There’s always stuff to clean up. Another thing is, like I just said about technique, I’ve got to get my technique better. I’ve got to play clean…overall just getting the little things down.”


(on QB Hundley working against Philadelphia’s first-team defense) “He definitely got settled in and more comfortable. You could tell his confidence was growing play by play, and he’s going to be a good player in this league.”

(on Hundley in the huddle) “Real calm. Brett’s a funny guy. Quarterback is kind of the mirror for the offense so they always have to remain calm and composed and he did a good job of that.”

(on Blanchard) “Matt did the same. They (Hundley and Blachard) did great jobs and made some great throws and the results speak for themselves. We kind of started late, but at the same time this is the preseason and it’s all about execution.”

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