Game seemed to change on that sideline tackle

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 4, 2015 – 4:47 pm

150813-ask-vic-halfVincent from Seattle, WA

Vic, it’s been four years now playing the NFC West with the zone read; you call it the read option. Why can’t Capers coach the correct way to stop it? The Packers defense bites on the hand-off to the RB every time. This is why Colin Kaepernick and Wilson rack up huge rushing yards against us.


Brandon from Houston, TX

I’m seeing a lot of two-high safety being played. I guess the 49ers have picked their poison.

They appear to be giving the run; I see nickel and a lot of six in the box. OK, run it.

Seth from Kenosha, WI

Any explanation on the false start by Kaepernick?

He bobbed his head.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, what do you think of Levi’s Stadium?

It’s as beautiful; the location is not. I really like this place, but it’s in a not-so-great industrial area.

Josh from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, I thought I heard the “Go Pack Go” chant during the first extra-point attempt. Can you affirm that or was I just dreaming?

There are a lot of Packers fans here, and they appear to be concentrated in the end zone to my right.

Chris from Voorhout, The Netherlands

For those unable to get to a TV, how composed was that opening drive?

It was so precision-like you’d think the Packers had practiced it all week.

Chris from Bellingham, WA

Vic, I know there’s no cheering in the press box, but when you see Aaron operate like he did on that first scoring pass, do you just smile and shake your head?

No, I drop my head and type.

Vincent from Seattle, WA

Does the NFL now stand for National Flag League?

The illegal contact penalty was ridiculous. Somebody in the league needs to understand the major point of emphasis on illegal contact and pass interference is causing defenses to back off and give the underneath passes, which is taking the long pass out of the game. I hate this dink-and-dunk stuff. It’s turning a lot of subpar passers into stat kings. I’ll say this for Kaepernick: He looks to make big plays; he’s exciting.

Matt from Tallahassee, FL

Is Kaepernick covered in grease?

No, muscles. I should work out more.

Justin from Athens, GA

When is it acceptable to want a change at the head coaching position?

If you’re a Packers fan, it’s when you’ve so completely lost your mind nobody listens to you.

Raymond from Orlando, FL

Vic, while I was raised in Wisconsin, I had the good fortune of living in Pittsburgh at one point. This week’s game features two coaches from Pittsburgh, Mike McCarthy and Jim Tomsula. I have always been impressed by the long list of NFL coaches that have come from Western Pa. During my time there, I found the Pittsburgh locals to be sincere, honest and hard-working. I think that’s the reason for the long list of yinzers to coach in the NFL. As someone from Pittsburgh, what are your thoughts?

I honestly and sincerely hated the sintering plant; the work was too hard.

Josh from Baltimore, MD

Terrible flooding going on back home in SC, Vic. I hope your house made it with no damage.

I keep calling people to take a look and tell me if my house is still there, but they all left.

Andrew from Washington, DC

As a whole, the defense to this point has played relatively well. They look, however, completely unprepared for the read option. How is that possible when you know you’re going to face Kaepernick? I understand he’s a great athlete, but he’s not beating us with athleticism. There is simply no one there to defend it.


Hunter from Richmond, VA

Not the first half that we’re used to seeing so far this season. I like a close game.

Aaron Rodgers had words with Glenn Dorsey after Rodgers was tackled near the sideline. The game seemed to change following that play.

Danny from Oakley, CA

Does Rodgers have a 49ers complex because they didn’t draft him?

He’s back home. Home always means more to us.

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