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Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 11, 2015 – 1:40 pm

150813-ask-vic-halfDavid from Tacoma, WA

Vic, what a dominating first quarter for the defense. Could we be entering a season in which the identity of the team could be defense over a high-scoring offense?

That’s not my expectation, but I guess it could happen. What’s with this new obsession for the identity of the defense? Why has identity all of a sudden become so important?

Dan from Austin, TX

Defense as the calling card? Who are these Packers?

The same ones that ended last season.

Dan from San Francisco, CA

How is our defense getting so much pressure on Foles?

They’re throwing a lot of heavy rush looks at him and he’s having difficulty finding the hot receiver.

Ryan from London, England

Pressure makes diamonds and the front seven sure are playing like diamonds. Terrific pass rush; best and most consistent I have seen from a Green Bay team in quite some time.

I agree. Dom Capers saw something in Nick Foles that’s caused Coach Capers empty his bag on the Rams quarterback.

Chad from Flower Mound, TX

If this team has another gear, a playoff gear, how scary can this team get?

Injuries will answer that question. If the Packers stay healthy, they can be unbeatable, but having to limit and manage injuries is something that takes a toll on all teams. All teams face adversity. Fortunately, that’s one of Mike McCarthy’s strengths.

Steve from Milford, CT

Vic, I’m speechless with how this defense is playing. I see many young, hungry lions. Your thoughts?

Young is fast; fast is good.

Trevor from Winston-Salem, NC

With the defensive line playing so lights out and the rest of the defense making huge plays against the Rams, does it allow the offense to play more creative and open up the field?

I don’t think you want to take that attitude. Remember who your quarterback is. Stay within your game plan. Protecting Aaron Rodgers is job No. 1.

Max from Neenah, WI

Why are the Rams having so many problems getting the play off on time?

Because Coach Capers is showing Foles rush schemes I haven’t seen. Eventually, he will have seen them all and know what to expect, but the Packers’ preparation for this game helped them take a 14-0 lead.

Keith from Lake Forest, IL

One screen pass and it gains 19 yards. Maybe you can stop acting like you know it all and acknowledge it’s a smart play for this offense.


Ryan from Green Bay, WI

How’s Corey Linsley doing against Aaron Donald so far?

Donald has spent the majority of his time over Sitton and Lang. They’ve contained him. I’ll keep an eye on Donald.

Ian from Saukville, WI

Oh, well, so much for full consistency.

Keep your eye on the Rams’ running game. That’s what triggered their touchdown drive. Coach Fisher will not quit on the run. It’s the catalyst to what they want to do: Run the ball and sell play action.

Chris from Bellingham, WA

How many coaches would be down 14-0 and come out to reestablish the run game with a steady diet of Gurley and Austin? Fisher is impressive. Now let’s go punch them in the mouth!

Make sure you do it when Mike Pereira isn’t looking.

Tom from Collegeville, MN

Interception aside, because that was simply a great play by the Rams, Rodgers is looking fairly human for the second game in a row. Tell me I am looking into this too much.

Forget about that. Why wasn’t that call reversed? The ball hit the ground, and then it moved. Now I don’t even know what an interception is. Replay review is costing me my sanity. I wanna scream!

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