Packers defense may have to carry the day

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on November 15, 2015 – 1:19 pm

150813-ask-vic-halfKeith from Lincoln, IL

Our offense continues its funk. Twelve can’t hit open receivers, receivers drop easy passes, and the line misses blocks. Will they ever get it turned back on this season?

I’m not clairvoyant.

Ben from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, I’m at the game right now. Every time I stand and yell on third down, I hear “down in front.” Is that normal around the league? I can’t even tell you how much that frustrates me. Packers fans are too high maintenance.

It was an issue when I was in Jacksonville. Some people want to sit.

Terry from Superior, WI

Vic, even Coach McCarthy looks frustrated with the play-calling. Maybe he takes over?

There’s nothing wrong with the play-calling. Maybe he’s frustrated by the lack of execution.

Josip from Zagreb, Croatia

It looks like the Packers offensive line is still in a slump?

Aaron Rodgers has had more than enough time to throw.

Curt from Rice Lake, WI

Can we stop this fast-pace crap and go back to a normal huddle, please?

If they do that, my inbox will fill up with fans wanting no-huddle.

Steve from Austin, TX

Vic, Rodgers looks great on slants and crossing routes but it’s almost like he’s not used to guys being open on the outside and has missed some throws you’d expect him to make. I’ve never heard of rust from a guy who hasn’t missed any time but he has the look of someone who’s missed time. I’m seeing this as a positive. Yourself?

He didn’t miss on the third-down throw to Randall Cobb. That might’ve gone for a touchdown.

Matt from Clarkston, MI

It’s hard to tell watching on TV. Is Aaron missing throws, or is the Lions defense changing the timing of the routes?

I don’t see the Lions doing anything special.

Jason from Austin, TX

At some point, do we not have to look at the inability of the receivers to get open as part of the reason we are 25th in offense? Is that scheme or players?

At midseason, the scheme is what the scheme is. You can’t make dramatic changes to your playbook now. The Packers will have to find a way to make it work. We lean too hard on scheme as an excuse. Regardless of what the scheme is, it has to be executed.

Tyler from Palmer, MI

Can you shed some light on the third-down issues? Is it mental at this point and a lack of confidence?

I think a lack of confidence could be contributing to the problem, but that’s chicken or the egg stuff.

Heath from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

We keep talking about how running the football could help solve the Packers’ offensive issues, however, they haven’t committed to the run today. Thoughts?

They came out throwing because Coach McCarthy knows he has to get his quarterback in a rhythm. This is a quarterback-first offense. As Rodgers goes, so go the Packers.

Paul from De Pere, WI

How many offensive drives were kept alive through luck or trickery or by penalty since the season began? This offense is simply not that good. The defense will have to carry us again today, it appears.

It appears.

Nathan from Milwaukee, WI

As a fan, I have zero confidence in the Packers offense right now. What’s your confidence level, Vic?

I don’t bother with that kind of stuff. I just watch. What I can tell you is I have every confidence that at some point this season the offense will recover and the Packers will be the championship contender we expect them to be. There’s that word again; I hate it.

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