Packers stopping the run; Janis goes off

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on November 22, 2015 – 4:44 pm

150813-ask-vic-halfPat from Altoona, WI

Janis finally found his niche?

Maybe that’ll earn him some playing time as a receiver.

Guilhem from Bordeaux, France

Is it me or does Aaron look really upset and fiery? I always thought he was very poised and calm. He sems very frustrated.

Everybody’s frustrated, including me when I open my inbox.

Morgan from Fort Collins, CO

Linsley? Hyde? This team can’t catch a break on a downward turn.

The Ravens lost Joe Flacco to an ACL today. It’s football. You WILL get hurt.

Brian from Manassas, VA

The Packers look really slow. Even before he tried to tackle Rudolph, Hyde couldn’t run with a tight end. That should not happen.

He’s been fighting a hip injury. It would appear he re-aggravated it on that Vikings touchdown play.

Judy from Channing, MI

My teenage daughter said, “Too bad we don’t have a player who can run like that squirrel!”

I timed the squirrel. It’s a slow squirrel, for a squirrel.

Ryan from Columbia, MO

Hard-count freebies. Whatever it takes?

I’d rather see a hard block than a hard count.

Andy from Big Rapids, MI

Gosh, I love big games, Vic.

I’m having a great time.

Chuck from New Smyrna Beach, FL

I’ve stood by this team and supported the play-calling and players through these last three weeks, but passing when you only need a yard? If you can’t pick up a yard by running twice, then you don’t deserve it. When will this team decide they want to win again instead of being facny?

Maybe that 27-yard run by Eddie Lacy will change things.

Brian from Champaign, IL

Vic, I foresee more passing out of Minnesota in the second half. My crystal ball is always fuzzy, though.

The Packers are stopping the run, but remember what Coach Capers said: You can’t relax on Peterson, or he’ll break the long one on you. He’s an all-day sucker and you can’t ever stop licking. Coach Capers didn’t say that, I did.

David from Monterey, CA

How are the Packers keeping Peterson in check? He may not break 100 at this rate!

They’re doing it with scheme and play-calling. They’re shifting from an over-tackle look to an under-tackle look and then … I’m just teasing, David. The Packers are defeating blocks; that’s how they’re doing it.

Devin from Woodland Hills, CA

Cold weather, defense, fields goals … I feel like the season just started.

Welcome to December, the bonus edition.

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