Packers’ pride, resolve at test in second half

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on December 3, 2015 – 8:48 pm

150813-ask-vic-halfNathan from Bargersville, IN

Vic, I’m curious why we never see Rodgers line up under center. It looks like the pistol slows down the running game. We started this when Rodgers got hurt last year. Is he possibly injured or do the coaches feel it’s the best formation for success for the team?

It’s probably the latter, but the Packers have much greater concerns right now than an unproductive formation. The concerns are physical.

Caleb from Brookfield, CT

Not stopping the run, turning the ball over, weak punts, not running the football, not getting to the quarterback. Can we get any worse?

I hope not.

Rollin from Los Angeles, CA

December football, Vic. Let’s see what this team is made of.

The second half will test this team’s pride and resolve. I’m angry at my friend.

Brendan from Washington, DC


You have my permission.

Scott from Richmond, VA

Vic, when will you admit Aaron Rodgers is off? Blindly defending him despite the last 10 games of underperforming just undermines your credibility.


Dan from New Berlin, WI

The mental mistakes are frustrating, Vic. How do you leave Ebron uncovered on the goal line?

Somebody blew the coverage. Mike McCarthy might’ve been trying to call a timeout prior to the snap, but Matt Stafford saw Ebron was uncovered and Stafford quickly called for his center to snap the ball. I suspect Dom Capers saw from the coaches booth Ebron was uncovered and called down for a timeout. That’s just a guess.

Trevor from Winston-Salem, NC

Vic, I just don’t know. I don’t get too emotional watching our boys, but it’s just getting embarrassing. What is wrong?

They’ve lost their mojo. The Lions found theirs. That’s the best I can offer.

Cindy from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, this is about the ugliest first half I have seen from the Packers. Can you remember a worse one?

I don’t want to remember one.

Bob from Jacksonville, FL

Feels like everything that could go wrong went wrong in the first quarter. Seventeen points is going to be hard to make up. How does this game end?

It needs to end with the Packers showing the grit and determination of a team that wants to play football the right way.

Mike from Gilbert, AZ

Vic, what else can go wrong for the Packers right now? Better, yet, will anything go right tonight?

They have to make it go right. They are being tested as never before.

Chris from Ft. Bragg, NC

How has this team won seven games?

The team that began 6-0 was accustomed to a habit of winning. It knew how to win.

Ed from Reno, NV

Sometimes the other guy wins. Time for a gut check. Plenty of time; just need to put it together.

You have true grit. Hang onto it.

Aron from Altoona, IA

Vic, I know our offensive line is banged up, but I fear we haven’t fixed the offensive problems. The Packers’ mistakes and poor play seem to be snowballing. I sure hope they can make the (second half) exciting.

That’s the challenge. This team desperately needs to clear its throat.

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