It’s for the future pets

Posted by Aaron Popkey on June 19, 2016 – 3:48 pm

160618-TT-popkey-dodgeville-950Blaze, a 9-year-old Labrador mix waiting for adoption, wasn’t a featured attendee at Ley Memorial Pavilion in Dodgeville, but he drew nearly the same amount of attention as the players at the Tailgate Party to benefit the Iowa County Humane Society

No, Blaze wasn’t signing autographs, but he did receive many pets from supporters and served as a great ambassador for the shelter that serves this community humanely by providing shelter and care to animals in need.

Photos: Tailgate Tour touches down in Dodgeville

The support provided by the more than 800 fans who turned out will go a long way to helping the shelter with its general operations, as well as a much needed roof replacement.

The Packers’ attendance helps in another way, according to the Humane Society’s outreach manager, Jen Siegel.

“We’re reaching a lot of new people at one time with the Packers’ event,” she said. “That will help us in our rural setting, where we have some more challenges than shelters do in the larger cities.”

“Nice family event on Father’s Day, with all the activities they had like the bounce house,” Jared Abbrederis observed. “Great support today.”

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