Sean and Sam’s song and dance routine

Posted by Aaron Popkey on June 20, 2016 – 10:34 pm

160620-tailgate-tour4-REVISE-950A crooning Sean Jones and a dancing Sam Barrington were the highlights of Monday’s tailgate party in Black River Falls, Wis., to benefit Riverfront Inc., a nonprofit organization which provides a continuum of innovative support for individuals with disabilities so that they may live meaningful lives, and facilitate these individuals’ ability to live, learn and work.

Sean Jones established a tailgate tour first when he performed the birthday song for Eileen Whitman, a fan from Florida who was celebrating her day at the event. Upon hearing the news, Jones brought Whitman on stage and led the Packers tour group in an impressive rendition of the classic song. The crowd roared its approval.

“The young lady was celebrating her 72nd birthday and her daughter asked us to sing,” Jones said with a laugh. “That’s endemic of what this tour’s about. Sometimes you make fans one at a time. It’s macro and micro in same breath. We have big groups and we’re helping an organization, but then we’re making memories for individual fans at the same time.”

Video: Packers serenade fan on her birthday

Later, a contest took place on stage that challenged three fans to register as many steps as possible on a step indicator. Barrington was inspired and jumped up on stage to join the contest, also a first for the tour.

“I try to have some fun,” Barrington deadpanned.

Photos: Packers entertain fans at Black River Falls

Mary Kessens, president and CEO of Riverfront Inc., was impressed with the support of the fans.

“The goodwill of the Packers’ fan club is great to see,” Kessens said. “Wisconsin supports the Packers and the Packers support Wisconsin.”

“The evening was amazing,” she continued. “It was great to borrow the Packers’ fame to do good things and to help people with disabilities.”

The final day of the tour awaits.

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