We’re going to ride in that?

Posted by Aaron Popkey on June 20, 2016 – 1:44 pm

160620-tailgate-tour2-REVISE-950The Packers exchanged their tour bus for a more eclectic (and versatile) vehicle on their Wisconsin Duck Tour in the Wisconsin Dells, surprising tourists and locals alike.

The players split up into two groups and joined other riders to enjoy the hour-long expedition through a lush forest and on the beautiful Wisconsin River.

Led by an informative and entertaining tour guide, Trevor, the group learned about the history of ducks (developed to ferry troops and supplies from ship to shore during WWII; manufactured in Pontiac, Mich., home to the former home stadium of the Detroit Lions, the Pontiac Silverdome) and the beauty of the area, especially the rock formations along the Wisconsin River.

Trevor’s entertaining quips were especially enjoyed by LeRoy Butler, who chuckled heartily at seemingly each of his jokes. One in particular was about how they painted a goal line around the forest in which the duck was riding in order to keep out bears and lions, because everyone knows bears and lions cannot cross a goal line.

Photos: Packers take a ride on Wisconsin Ducks

“I liked him, especially his Bear jokes. They were great,” Butler agreed.

Sam Barrington found the ride very relaxing.

“It was very scenic,” he said. “I liked it for that.”

After the tour, the group enjoyed lunch at Riverwalk Pub. Tony Fisher and Jayrone Elliott, the Cleveland Cavaliers fans, stopped in front of some TVs to watch live images of the NBA champion Cavs’ triumphant return to Cleveland.

“Come on, Tony, you can’t live in the past,” teased Mark Murphy. “You need to move on.”

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