Surprise at day camp

Posted by Aaron Popkey on June 21, 2016 – 4:39 pm

160621-TT-popkey-wausau-child-care-950The skies were blue and the wind was perfect for bubbles.

What more could the players and alumni ask for but a surprise stop at Wausau Child Care’s day camp.

More than 60 children clapped with joy as the Tailgate Tour bus pulled up at their playground to enjoy some games. But before the games could commence, several of the players were mesmerized with the classic childhood activity, blowing bubbles.

“I love bubbles,” said Robert Brooks with a wide smile. “I would have done that the whole time. But then they pulled me away. I wanted to get the big one, but others had it. I said, ‘You’re killing me.’ The key was the wind. It was just blowing perfect.”

On the field, Jared Abbrederis seemed to be working on his run-after-the-catch moves as he repeatedly faked out children trying to catch him.

“I always do that with my nephew,” Abbrederis explained. “I juke him left or right and he runs forever.”

Photos: Packers pop into day camp

Kickball and other field games were relished to such an extent that you could sense the disappointment when it was time for the tour to depart.

Two more stops remain on the tour.

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