Key comments from Packers’ assistant coaches

Posted by Mike Spofford on July 29, 2016 – 11:45 am

160729-capers-950GREEN BAY — A number of the Packers’ assistant coaches took questions on Friday in the Lambeau Field media auditorium. Here’s a rundown of several key comments from each coach who spoke:

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on introducing Kevin Greene next week for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame)

“It’s been 12 years, a lot of time where he was disappointed. I couldn’t’ be happier for him. Kevin to me represents all the things you want in a Hall of Famer — great work ethic, passion and love for the game, great consistency. He played 15 years in this league and 10 of them he had 10 plus sacks. He brought that energy and enthusiasm into the locker room every Sunday, and when he came here, he brought that to coaching.”

“As a head coach you always worried if you have the right things to say before a game, but I never had to worry about that because Kevin would have that locker room so wired up before we took the field.”

(on Blake Martinez)

“A very mature young man. He’s obviously bright. He’s been all business. All four of our draft picks on defense have been all business. Those guys have come in from Day 1, and I don’t see any screwing around in the meeting room. I like their approach. They’ve done all the things right to this point in time.”

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on Jordy Nelson’s recovery)

“The type of work ethic he’s displayed over his whole career, I see him putting everything eh has into it. That’s the way he goes about his business. You talk about being a true pro, that’s Jordy Nelson. When he steps back on the practice field, he’ll be ready to play.”

(on Eddie Lacy)

“I love way he’s working. He’s doing the little things. I see him finishing, carrying out his runs all the way to the end zone. He brings a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm, and we’re excited where Eddie’s starting right now.”

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on how the reps for punters Tim Masthay and Peter Mortell will be split up in the preseason games)

“I’m not sure. Mike hasn’t talked to me about  how he wants to do that. Obviously they’re going to both kick in game situations. Tim’s been in a lot of games, so we need to see Peter punt in front of people. Sunday night, with a full house (for Family Night), it’s not a game, but those kinds of situations are good to see how they handle the pressure.”

(on punt returns after a step back statistically in 2015)

“It’s really become a big emphasis for us in the offseason and in camp, as was kickoff return for us last year. We haven’t changed a lot of scheme, but we’ve really fine-tuned the techniques and put a lot more time on it. It’s a phase we have told them we have to get a lot better at.”

Associate head coach/offense Tom Clements
(on backup QB Brett Hundley)

“We like to get our quarterbacks to be masters of the system, and he’s not there yet, but he’s working toward that. He wants to do well. He’s watching Aaron, asks Aaron questions about how he reads certain things, his footwork on certain things. He wants to learn.”

(on TE Jared Cook)

“He came here, he was wanting to be a Packer and wanting to play with Aaron. Unfortunately he had the injury. He was doing very well before he got the injury, and he’s learning his position, learning the system, and it will be nice to get him back out there. He’s got great talent and he should be helpful to us.”

Offensive line coach James Campen
(on the adjustments for draft picks Jason Spriggs and Kyle Murphy)

“Just handling the speed of the game. It’s a lot different. The get-offs are a lot different. Both these young men, along with Josh James, another rookie, they’re in a lucky situation where they have some very, very good and talented edge rushers they get to practice against.”

Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt
(on whether Hundley is challenging himself to make tougher throws)

“I would hope he would not try to do more than he can do. He’s not challenging himself to make throws he shouldn’t be making. He’s making good decisions. Some of the good throws he makes are part of the progression and his growth as a player. I’m excited to see him in the preseason, if he can continue the success he had last year.”

(on the communication in the meeting rooms)

“If you see something, say something. That’s our approach this year. We all want to get on the same page right away.”

Wide receivers coach Luke Getsy
(on Trevor Davis’ early impression)

“Since the day he got here, does a great job of attacking everything, he works really hard in the classroom, it matters a lot to him, he wants to do good not just for himself but for this football team, he wants to learn as much as he can from Aaron and from me, he’s a sponge right now, and it’s paying off for him.”

(on Davante Adams)

“He’s come back with a fire behind him … There’s a fire lit inside of him, and he’s ready to rock and roll, but he has to grow every single day.”

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio
(on if Richard Rodgers losing weight will affect his blocking)

“I don’t know if there’s a weight where you say if a guy weighs this, he’s a good blocker. To me it’s about quickness, explosion, snap count. They come in all different sizes.”

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans
(on if he’s seeing the Eddie Lacy he wants to see)

“Just looking at yesterday, with us being in pads, he had a couple of runs where we see him press the hole, get right on top of the offensive linemen, and then take off with a burst. He did that on a screen pass the other day, too.”

“The biggest thing I notice, starting off in the classroom, he answers all the questions I throw at him. When a guy has a lot of pride in his craft, usually he’s going to give you everything he has. I think he’s a lot smarter than people think in terms of his football IQ. It’s pretty high.”

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