Highlights of Packers assistant coaches’ news conference

Posted by Wes Hodkiewicz on August 10, 2016 – 5:14 pm

160810-van-pelt-950GREEN BAY — The Packers’ three coordinators plus all the offensive position coaches spoke with the media on Wednesday. Here’s a rundown of some of their key comments on the progress of training camp.

Special-teams coordinator Ron Zook

On Jesse Schmitt suffering hand injury on first snap:

It’s just a shame. It’s like when you see a guy gets a knee injury with a non-contact injury. The one snap was good. The second one after the broken hand wasn’t so good.

On punting competition:

I’m looking forward to get into the game. Tim had three or four punts (Tuesday night) that he had 5 second hang times. I don’t know what the rotation will be. That’s really the best test to see how it’s going to be.

On Green Bay native Peter Mortell:

See how he handles emotions on Friday night. Saw him at Family Night. When he jogged off the field, I went up to him … and I said, ‘You OK?’ That’s exciting. You’re lining up with the team you grew up with in the stadium and playing a game. It’ll be off-the-handle emotions.


Defensive coordinator Dom Capers

On preseason preparation for Cleveland:

There’s really no tape to go off of with a new coaching staff, so we’re looking at what Hue Jackson did last year calling plays in Cincinnati. Whether they do that or not, we’ll find out Friday but that’s the challenge of the preseason.


Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett

On the Brett Favre induction:

Unbelievable. Honored to be a part of that. It’s rare that you get to play with a Hall of Fame player and I’m so blessed that I had the opportunity to play with quite a few of them. He was a great teammate.


Associate Head Coach Tom Clements

On Aaron Rodgers’ preseason workload:

I imagine it’ll be like it’s been the last couple years. We’ve had some extra practice with the Hall of Fame Game. Watching how many throws Aaron has each practice, he’s been sharp. He’ll be ready to go when the season opens. He’ll get some work in the preseason.

On QB Joe Callahan’s preparation for Hall of Fame Game:

He’s a rookie, so that would have been his first game. It’s a great opportunity for them. We really didn’t have a lot of preparation for that game because we were still in training camp mode as was Indianapolis. It would’ve been basic on each side but would have been an opportunity for those guys to get game experience.

On Rodgers running scout team:

Made some plays. I think he enjoys that. Fun watching him work.


Offensive line coach James Campen

On tackles’ success in one-on-one drills:

They work hard. J-Walk has had to take some. He did a nice job yesterday. A lot of times in the one-on-one drill, you’re trying something. Your defense is trying something. It’s a competitive drill but at the same time you don’t get to see what we’re telling both sides. Tuesday night was a good day for the tackles.

On David Bakhtiari’s growth:

His study habits. That’s usually when you go from Year 2 to Year 3. What can I do better? That’s a testament to him. You look at other tackle’s sets. How do they do against this person or that person? I think that’s part of the growth. He’s gained weight. He’s gained strength. He’s done everything necessary to stay on that trend.

On Saturday night’s induction ceremony:

I’m very proud of both (Favre and Kevin Greene). I remember first time Brett stepped in the game against Cincinnati. It was typical Brett. He had a look and we had a look. It was always colorful. Always positive. The thing about Brett that stood out to me is he really was a linebacker playing quarterback. Where was the pocket? I don’t know. You had to chase him. He displayed toughness from the very first day. He took some brutal hits, but he got up and he got up every single time.


Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt

On backup QBs not getting a chance to play in Canton:

It was unfortunate on a lot of levels. For Joe and Marquise to have extended playing time, that was a tough blow for them. A little bit of adversity is a good thing. Tough deal, but that’s part of it


Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio

On Jared Cook’s return:

It’s good to get him out there like any of the players. You can tell he’s been preparing, studying as if he was practicing. He obviously went up and made a couple nice plays on some balls with some excellent throws from Aaron.

On facing Cleveland Browns, his former team:

When I went from Tampa to Cleveland, the process of getting to know everybody. Everyone is going to be at different levels as far as where they are at. I have things I believe but you have to base it on the player. What works for one may not work for another. Focus on things that they do well and how to improve that.

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