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Posted by Mike Spofford on August 22, 2016 – 6:38 pm

160822-sirmans-950GREEN BAY — The Packers’ three coordinators, along with all the offensive position coaches, spoke with the media in the Lambeau Field auditorium late Monday afternoon. Here are some highlights from their comments:

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on why Masthay took all the punting reps on Monday)

“We’re going to give them each a day, let them settle into what they’re doing. Then they don’t have to punt two days in a row.”

(on the punting competition overall)

“I just go day-by-day. Tomorrow will be very similar to today. We need that work anyway with the punt (team). I haven’t paid much attention to who’s ahead, but I’m not going to be the guy to make the decision.”

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on the defense overall against Oakland)

“We’ve played a lot of guys. Whether to start the game or finish the game, I think our play style was an improvement over the first game.”

(on Guion being better at nose vs. end)

“I think that’s a fair statement. He’s played in there more. We like him inside at nose tackle. When we play our nickel defense, we like him in there over one of the guards or over the center.”

(on Randall’s confidence, talkativeness)

“When you have to cover one-on-one against the type of athletes they go against, confidence is a great quality, because you aren’t going to win every one of them, and if it doesn’t go your way, you have to bounce back and make your plays the next time.”

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on seeing Jordy Nelson back on the practice field)

“It’s early in the process. We’ll take it day by day and make sure he’s getting necessary work in the offense so we’re all in sync. He’s going to do everything possible to be ready to go Week 1.”

(on choosing Tretter to start at center)

“He’s been consistent. That’s probably what stands out more than anything else. He’s done an outstanding job communicating, and he’s been extremely consistent.”

Associate head coach/offense Tom Clements
(on Rodgers playing in Friday’s preseason game and what he gets out of it)

“Aaron has been very sharp in practice. We haven’t discussed what the exact play time will be, but I expect he’ll play, and he’ll be sharp. You have to be moving around quicker than you do in practice. It tests your stamina a little more, and get re-acclimated to the speed of the game. But at this point, it’s like riding a bike. You’ve been there, done it, but you just have to practice it and get ready.”

(on rebuilding the chemistry between Rodgers and Nelson)

“They’ve always had good chemistry, but Jordy hasn’t been practicing, so it’ll take a little bit of time, but it shouldn’t be insurmountable.”

(on Brett Hundley’s development)

“He works hard in practice, but he seems to turn it on in the games. You’d like to see him get as many reps as he can get.”

Offensive line coach James Campen
(on Spriggs’ outing vs. Khalil Mack)

“Very valuable for him. You have to stay with your own fundamentals, and not try to press and do things that aren’t in your fundamental wheelhouse. It was very good for him. It was a good experience, and he’ll move on from there.”

(on Tretter’s perseverance)

“He’s handled himself as a true pro. There’s no one really in that room that doesn’t extend help to the person who isn’t playing. That’s a credit to the whole room. I think JC exemplifies the meaning of a true professional.”

(on Murphy’s debut)

“I was very pleased, first and foremost. The kid had one day of practice, really. He did very well. He played against a good player in Bruce Irvin, did a nice job against him. Had Mack a couple of times. You could see as his reps got up, his pad level came up. He’s got to get in football shape. There’s no question about that.”

Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt
(on Hundley vs. Oakland)

“That was a very talented defense, and he took the first unit down the field for a 14-play touchdown drive. That’s what you want to see. He had great command in the huddle. It’s unfortunate he got rolled up on there.”

(on the injury hindering his development)

“It’s not ideal, but it’s nothing he can avoid. When he gets back out there, I expect him just like last time to not miss a beat.”

Receivers coach Luke Getsy
(on Nelson’s return)

“I think we’re on the right path. We’re excited he’s going to get to do more each and every day. He’s in great shape. As long as we keep progressing, we’re very happy with where we’re at right now.”

(on Montgomery since his return)

“We want to take another step every single day and he’s been doing that. I think he’s excited about how much better he feels now than when he first got back on the field two weeks ago.”

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio
(on Cook working seamlessly into the offense)

“The big thing with Jared is just operationally, understanding the scheme and what we’re trying to get done, but there’s a lot of little nuances and details that you may not see. It’s a process and he’s continuing to grow.”

(on the competition with the younger TEs)

“These next two weeks are big. Our players know that. They’re big to see how they’re going to fit. At the end of the day, it’s about helping the Green Bay Packers win, and keeping the best 53 to do that.”

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans
(on Lacy)

“He had nine carries on that 14-play drive, and he was surprised he didn’t feel like he had to come out. That bodes well for his fitness level and what we want him to do.”

(on Ripkowski)

“He’s been more solid on his collision blocks, I say, when that target is right in front of him. We’re still working on the different blocks where he has to navigate his way through there to get to his target.”

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