Campen on Bakhtiari: ‘He’s not a finished product. He’s going to get better and better.’

Posted by Mike Spofford on September 22, 2016 – 6:21 pm

160922-bakhtiari-950GREEN BAY — The Packers’ coordinators and offensive assistant coaches addressed the media on Thursday. Here’s a synopsis of their key comments:

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on using Davis more on punt return)

“He had some success in the preseason, and it’ll be up to Coach (McCarthy) if he wants to do that. The thing you like about his attitude is he wants to do it. A lot of guys want to return kickoffs, but not a lot of guys want to return punts. His forte in college was more kickoffs than punts, but if you didn’t know that, you wouldn’t pick that up by what he’s done here.”

(on the potential of getting Banjo and Elliott back this week)

“Anytime you’ve got two core guys that know the scheme and know what we’re doing, it helps a lot. Banjo leads the whole group. He’s looking forward to it, biting at the bit to get going, and so is Jayrone.”

(on Detroit punter Martin)

“He’s really good. When they’re at the 40 or 50, he’ll put in inside the 5.”

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on the Lions’ offense, without Johnson)

“Even without Calvin they have a number of weapons. They spread you out and play a space game. They have excellent skill. Riddick is a real threat out of the backfield.”

(on the run defense)

“We’re playing a team this week that’s going to spread you out and try to run when they think you’re playing pass and vice versa.”

“I like the aggressiveness of our guys up front. They’re not sitting back, they’re attacking. It comes down to lining up and whipping your man at times. We haven’t given up vertical lanes. We’ve done a nice job of keeping people going east and west.”

(on playing more young guys on defense)

“You see in the league now, you’d better get your young guys ready to play, and we do. You want the arrow to be pointing up, and if you are young and you’re asking a lot of young guys, hopefully they learn more.”

(on Martinez and Ryan in the middle)

“I like where both those guys are, they’re both very conscientious, they both prepare well. Like all young guys, they’re going to make mistakes, but they don’t end up repeating the mistake. They’re both focused guys.”

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on how the guys have been at practice this week)

“Extremely focused. It’s been a good week of preparation. I think we’re all in tune that certainly we have to improve. Our guys understand what needs to go into that process.”

(on getting Abbrederis more snaps)

“He’s certainly been consistent, and now when he gets his opportunities by way of play time, make the most of it.”

(on QB Rodgers)

“He takes great pride in what he puts into it each and every week. His work ethic is by far at an extremely high level. He’s a competitor. He wants to win at everything.”

Associate head coach/offense Tom Clements
(on Rodgers after a tough game)

“It doesn’t change his approach during the course of the week. He obviously would like to play as well as he can each game, and he spends the week trying to get in position to do that. He always has great focus, but he also has a lot of fun with the players. You play a game, watch the film, try to figure out what went right, what went wrong, and you work on it during the course of the week, but you don’t change your personality.”

(on working to improve)

“We know we can play better, and we’re trying to do that. But each player has to execute his assignment on each play and has to do his job for the team to do well, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Offensive line coach James Campen
(on Bakhtiari, his new contract, have things changed)

“David is David. He’s a good kid, raised right, very humble kid, works his tail off. I’m very proud of him. He’s very deserving.”

“He works extremely hard. You have to pull him back. He certainly is not a finished product. Trust me on that. He’s going to get better and better. He’s got a lot more to give.”

Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt
(on the need to discuss fundamentals with Rodgers)

“It happens all the time. I remember working with Drew Bledsoe. He’d say you just have to remind me every once in a while to stick my foot in the ground. That’s natural for every player, not just the great ones. If he has a down day, he’s going to bounce back, and that’s what we expect.”

(on reviewing a rough game with him)

“There’s no one in the room that feels worse than he did after the game the other night, and that’s the truth of the matter. We put him through the gauntlet today and did some ball-security things with him that he was ready to do and wanted to do. He had some fun with it.”

(is he seeing the rush and leaving the pocket early)

“I don’t see that at all. I see his ability to move and extend plays, and you can confuse that with flushing early.”

Wide receivers coach Luke Getsy
(on Nelson)

“He’s progressing from where he was in the preseason, to Game 1, and I thought he was better in Game 2. What it takes to make somebody miss, to take contact, he keeps making strides and he’s getting better every week.”

(on rotating more receivers)

“Coach has talked about, we need more attempts at the plate. Guys just have to keep preparing each and every week so when that opportunity comes, they take advantage of it.”

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio
(on Cook not getting the first down in MN)

“Anytime you’re in situational football, particularly third down, stick awareness, when you get the ball, obviously you have to know where the sticks are. You’d like to see him puncture through to get the first down. That’s how we train.”

(on newcomer Cajuste on the practice squad)

“The challenge is the terminology, getting him up to speed in how we do things here, getting him to understand the offense. That’s the stage we’re in, and the skill fundamentals we’re trying to get. His attitude is good, his work ethic is good, and he’s been hitting the playbook on his own time studying outside the classroom.”

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans
(on the Starks run on fourth-and-2)

“The biggest thing that happened with that particular play, the guy coming from the side, that’s what ended up getting him. We double-teamed guys at the point of attack, and that was a particular situation where they won.”

(on Lacy so far)

“Each game he’s had an explosive run. Each game he’s had one of those runs where you’re like, dang, he’s hard to tackle. It’s just a matter of time for him to really start rolling.”

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