On Aaron Rodgers in Philadelphia: ‘He was locked in’

Posted by Mike Spofford on December 1, 2016 – 6:05 pm

161202-rodgers-coordinators-950GREEN BAY — The Packers’ coordinators and offensive assistant coaches met with the media late on Thursday after practice. Here’s a sampling of some of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on Texans PR Will Fuller)

“He’s fast. Real fast. They have very, very good skill guys on the edge to keep you from getting down there. We have to place the ball extremely well and make sure he doesn’t have a chance to get going.”

(on coverage teams vs. Philly)

“We challenged them and I thought they took the challenged. We placed the ball well, and they went and covered well. This time of year, we have to play every game like that.”

(on if the return team can break one)

“We’ve been so close. I told the guys (in meetings) I’m so sick of coming in here and there’s one little thing here or one little things there that keep us from taking it where we want to go. You keep working, and then it takes a little lady luck there.”

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on Spriggs playing the full game at RG)

“It wasn’t always picture-perfect, but he did a really good job. Overall, it’s about results, and he got the job done. You look at the tape, and you see the effort. We can correct the fundamental and technique errors, but you see the effort.”

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins)

“He’s an elite receiver, obviously. He’s really strong. You probably see more pass interference penalties on Hopkins than anybody else. You see the flags come out because he’s physical. People try to double him, and they do a good job of moving him around where they can get him in one-on-one situations.”

(on Texans RB Lamar Miller)

“He’s got explosive speed. He can really cut and get in and out of his breaks. He’s got such acceleration, if you give him a seam in the defense, he can take it all the way. They utilize him a  lot. He’s carried the ball over 200 times and has 30 receptions or so.”

(on the possible return of LBs Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez)

“We’d love to have them both back. You prepare for the worst, and if you get good news, you’re happy about that. This past week, moving Clay inside was the right move in terms of getting our best personnel on the field.”

Wide receivers coach Luke Getsy
(on WR Davante Adams)

“He understands a lot more of what we’re trying to do and how to do it. Three years under his belt helps. Getting more exposure, not just lining up in one spot, he’s taking advantage of it. I like where his mindset it.

“For every single route, he has an idea what he wants to accomplish. He’s going full speed, and his play speed and tempo are really good right now. He’s attacking. You’re not seeing mental errors, you’re not seeing drops. You’re seeing a guy who has a plan for each person he’s going to line up against.”

Offensive line coach James Campen
(on preparing for the Texans D-line)

“They’re going to roll out a different game plan for everything. You have to watch more tape, more games, more sequences of games. You watch teams that do similar things to us.”

(on Jason Spriggs at RG vs. Fletcher Cox in Philly)

“He had his moments, which you would expect for a first start when he’s never played guard. You have a 6-6 ½ guy in there at guard, I’ll say this, the guy battled. He used his strengths, which is good for him, and he’ll only improve from that experience regardless if he’s playing guard or tackle. When you play against one of the premier players in the league your first start, you have to look at that as a great opportunity and a great learning experience. I know he’ll take that experience and apply it to the next game.”

Associate head coach/offense Tom Clements
(on the third-down success in Philly)

“I think what happened primarily is we got the first third down converted, so we felt good about that, but we were in a lot of manageable situations. We were in third-and-short a number of times, not too many third-and-longs. That’s what we said going in the game. Guys made plays. Aaron ran for two or three first downs. That’s always a bonus. He was on, the guys were catching the ball, and the line was blocking. Everybody was doing what they were supposed to be doing.”

Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt
(on Rodgers’ performance in Philly)

“I thought it was his best performance of the year. He was locked in. He was almost perfect with the ball. He did everything we ask him to do. He operated at a high level. This last month, he’s played outstanding. Hopefully we continue to keep that trend going.”

(on the effect on himself of his comments before the game)

“When he makes a statement, he backs it up. That’s my experience with him over the last few years.”

(on Rodgers’ release time on the quick throws)

“That’s a unique trait of his. From the time he gets it to the time it comes out, it’s lightning quick. Sometimes he’ll throw it by an unblocked defensive end, and he won’t even see it because it comes out so fast.”

(on Rodgers vs. the blitz)

“Best I’ve been around, by far. He understands it. He sees it before it happens sometimes. He studies it. He’s dialed in as well as anybody I’ve ever seen.”

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio
(on Cook’s impact on defenses)

“They have to make a decision with the safeties, which way they’re going to lean. I think that showed up a little bit in the Washington game. But we’ll see a little bit as we move forward.

“Targets are dictated where the coverage goes and where the progression goes. With this offense, it can go to any of the receivers. Some weeks it might be this position, or this receiver in the plan, other weeks it might be others.”

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans
(on Starks, pass protection, and taking the most reps in Philly)

“Sometimes dealing with a guy who’s seasoned in a role, particularly in a game like that, you have a tendency as a coach to go with your comfort level. Christine has gotten a lot more reps this week, so we should be able to get him in there a lot more.”

(on Lacy, now that he won’t be coming off IR)

“He’s still in the meetings. He’s still involved. It’s good for him, good to be around the guys. They like his presence in there, and it keeps him around football.”

(on Michael picking up the offense)

“I think he’s learning the offense pretty well. Some of the things we do, there’s some carryover. Maybe some terminology is different. We’ve been spending some extra time together. The quarterbacks have been working with him. The other running backs, if he has a question on something or we’re going through a walk-through, they’ll come in and say this is what we’re talking about. Somebody is always interacting with him. He’s a sponge learning. He wants to play, and he knows the only way to play is to understand the offense.”


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